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Courses are offered in Latin, Ancient Greek, and Classical Civilization. The Department offers an 18-hour Classics Minor.

The Classics Minor combines courses in Classical Civilization, Latin, and/or Greek. The three required courses are offered annually: CLA 2260 Classical Mythology (Fall, Spring, T1-5); CLA 3311 Civilization of Greece (Fall); and CLA 3312 Civilization of Rome (Spring). The remaining nine hours may be taken in any combination of Latin, Greek, or Classical Civilization courses, which are scheduled as follows: LAT 1131 Introductory Latin I (Fall); LAT 1132 Introductory Latin II (Spring); GRK 1111 Introductory Greek I (Fall); GRK 1112 Introductory Greek II (Spring); CLA 3330 Classical Epic, CLA 3350 Classical Drama, and CLA 4400 Special Topics in Classics (periodically on demand). Students who have successfully completed LAT 1132 or GRK 1112 may continue their language study for credit on an individual basis.


World Languages and Cultures

Courses are offered in Spanish, French, German, Chinese, Korean, and Japanese. For a listing of the individual courses, see the Undergraduate Catalog.

The Department offers a Spanish Major (36 hrs.) and a Spanish Minor (18 hrs.):

For the Spanish Major, the following nine courses are required: SPN 2241, 2242, 3332, 3333, 3350, 4448, 4449, 4451, and 4452. The student selects three additional upper-level courses. During the senior year, a departmental exit exam and the ACTFL Oral Proficiency Interview are administered. At least one course must be taken on location in a Spanish-speaking country or environment. (In recent years, Troy students have studied in Spain, Costa Rica, Cuba, Mexico, Chile, and Ecuador.) For a listing of individual Spanish courses, see the Undergraduate Catalog.
For the Spanish Minor, the student selects any 18 hours of Spanish courses.

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