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About the College

College of Communication and Fine Arts

Within the college’s six programs you’ll be introduced to new and emerging technologies that exist within the global marketplace specific to your area of study. Here, you’ll hone your entrepreneurial skills, learn innovative strategies, problem solve using your creative and critical thinking skills and be involved in interdisciplinary and international collaborations, all while developing a deeper understanding of the human condition. 

If your passion is in mass communication and media, English literature or language and composition, you will find challenging and rewarding educational opportunities within our Hall School of Journalism and Communication and Department of English. If your personal goals include developing fluency in a new language or refining the skills needed to create and design art, you’ll find a welcoming and encouraging environment within our Department of World Languages and Cultures and Art and Design programs. If you are looking to compose or record music or to develop your performance or teaching skills in music, theatre or dance, our John M. Long School of Music and Department of Theatre and Dance will offer you a variety of “hands-on,” “real world” experiences that will prove to be invaluable when you step onto the world stage.

The CCFA is home to more than 700 undergraduate and graduate majors from across the country. Our faculty is a diverse community of scholars, teachers, artists, conductors, composers and performers—all professionals who realize every student deserves the best possible education.

The mission of the CCFA is to provide opportunities for students to become independent learners capable of making intelligent choices based on a value system. The CCFA focuses on excellence in academic performance, enhancement of student lives and preparation for careers in an ever-changing world.