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Grant Information

Alabama NBCT Scholarship - Spring 2021

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                                     Alabama NBCT Scholarship - Spring 2021    

Online Scholarship Application (Due March 31, 2021)
Must have a Google associated account to access the application.

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NBPTS Five Core Propositions

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Frequently Asked Questions

A. No, although retakes cannot be scholarshipped.

A. Yes, but the scholarship will not pay for any components that you havealready submitted (including those submitted this spring/summer 2021). The scholarship will only pay for up to four components (up to $1900) and no retakes.

A. Yes, If you have not previously received an Alabama NBCT scholarship, you are eligible to apply.

A. If an application is received after the deadline or is found to be incomplete, it will not be read or scored by the review panel and will not be considered for a scholarship.

A. You should use the Adjusted Gross Income that you report to the IRS for your household.

A. If these payments are exempt from your Adjusted Gross Income you report to the IRS, then you do not have to count them toward the $120,000.

A. No, a check will be sent to the National Board office, and the funds will be credited to an account in your name .

A. Yes, as a scholarship recipient, you are required to complete the NBCT portfolio (all four components) within the time allowed by the National Board.

A. Yes, you are required to reimburse the state the scholarship money if you do not teach an additional three years in an Alabama public school after receiving the scholarship.

A. No, but you must submit at least one component each year, beginning next cycle (Spring 2022). All four components must be submitted within 3 years.

Example: Year 1 - Component 1, Year 2 - Components 2 & 3, Year 3 -Component 4.

A. Yes, you are responsible for paying the $75.00 registration fee each year of your candidacy (upon registering for specific components, normally due in February or March). You are not required (nor recommended) to pay the registration fee prior to submitting this scholarship application.

A. No, this scholarship only funds initial candidates.

A. No, the scholarship does not depend on the success of your application.

A. Yes, you may begin working on any or all of the components. Just remember that if you do not receive the scholarship, you’ll be responsible for the cost of submitting them (if you choose to move forward). The cost of each component is $475. You can find your portfolio instructions here.

A. A review panel of Alabama National Board Certified Teachers and other educators will read and score the applications.

A. Yes, you will be notified whether you receive a scholarship or not.

A. You will be notified before May 14, 2021.

A. You will receive notification by email and/or postal mail.

A. You will receive notification by postal mail at your home and/or email at the address provided on your application.

A. Each Regional Inservice Center provides support to candidates through mentoring opportunities. If you receive the scholarship, your name and contact information will be provided to your Inservice Center Director for support. Contact your district office, as many school systems offer internal NBCT support as well.


A. No, there is only one scholarship application period each school year.

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If you have additional questions that are not addressed in this document or on the application form, please submit your question to:

Dr. Boyd Rogan