Grant Information

Grant Information

Announcement of Alabama NBCT Scholarship

Information for Spring 2020 

Below is information concerning the Alabama NBCT Scholarships which will be offered again this Spring, 2020. 

We are transitioning to a Spring only scholarship process and the next scholarship opportunity after this one will be Spring 2021.

The Application form for the NBCT Scholarship is essentially the same as last year. The major difference is that it will be submitted online by way of a Google form. An applicant must have a Google account and if they do not already have one, they should get one.  The application process will open March 2. The deadline for submitting the application will be March 31,2020.  The applications will be read and scored in April  by NB Teachers and the same scoring matrix will be used as last year. Applicants will be notified of the results as soon as possible after that.

Teachers who submitted an application in the Fall of 2019 and who did not  receive a scholarship will automatically be entered into this round of scholarship applicants. They do not have to do anything else. Their scores are on record and will be compared to the scores of the new applicants.

There will be approximately 65 scholarships awarded this Spring. There were 147 scholarships awarded last fall which will be a total of 212 scholarships awarded during the 2019-20 school year.

Applicants who receive a scholarship will be expected to register for their components in the Fall of 2020.  Moving forward, scholarship winners will be able to prepare over the summer for the certification process and begin immediately once the school year begins.   We will support the winners during summer by providing onboarding training and connecting them to mentoring cohorts that meet throughout the school year.


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Ultimately, it is the candidate's responsibility to review and understand the National Board process, following the instructions carefully. Every certificate is different!

Candidates should review the Guide to National Board Certification and become very familiar with the National Board policy, National Board Certification process, and their National Board accounts. If candidates have questions about their accounts, they should contact the customer support team via email or by phone at 1-800-22TEACH.