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Request for Institutional Research Data

 All research projects that include human subjects must first be approved by the Institutional Review Board (IRB) before a request for institutional data is requested.  Please be aware your research proposal may be approved by the IRB but this does not guarantee you will be given access to the institutional data you have requested to conduct your study.   Depending on the type of data you are requesting, it may or may not require multiple levels of approval from various functional areas within Troy University.  It is possible for your request to be partially approved by some functional areas while another area(s) may deny your request for data for information under their purview.  Please see the chart below for a general listing of which Troy University Division is responsible for each type of data.

Assistant to Provost - University Registrar

Grade Point Average
Demographic Information

Associate Vice Chancellor of Financial Aid and Veterans Affairs

Veterans Benefits
Financial Aid
Scholarship Awards
Private Student Loans

Associate Vice Chancellor of Student Financial Affairs

Course Fees

Research Data Request

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