School of Nursing (SON)

Dr. Wade Forehand
Director of School of Nursing

Programs offered:

Nursing, Associate of Science (ASN)
Dr. Diane Young
ASN Coordinator

Nursing, Bachelor of Science (BSN)
Dr. Brittney Armstrong
BSN Coordinator

Nursing, RN Mobility
Dr. Kelly Johnson
RN Mobility Assistant Coordinator

Nursing, Master of Science (MSN)
Dr. Kelli Whitted
MSN Program Coordinator

Concentrations Offered:

Family Nurse Practitioner
Healthcare Informatics and Nursing Leadership
Post-master’s Family Nurse Practitioner Certificate
Post-master's Healthcare Informatics and Nursing Leadership Certificate

Nursing, Doctor of Nursing Practice Program (DNP)
Dr. Amy Spurlock
DNP Program Coordinator

Options Offered:

 Post-master’s DNP
Post-baccalaureate DNP

Concentrations Offered:

 Nurse Leader
Family Nurse Practitioner


Kinesiology & Health Promotion (KHP)

Dr. Jay Garner, Chair

Majors offered:

B.S. Athletic Training
B.S. Exercise Science
B.S. Health Education
B.S. Physical Education

Minors offered:

Exercise Science Minor
Health Promotion Minor
Nutrition Minor

Graduate offerings:

M.S. in Kinesiology (Coaching or Exercise Science Concentration)


Departments of Human Services and Social Work 
(HS & SWK)

Dr. Denise Green
334 808-6273

Majors offered:

Human Services Major
Social Work Major (CSWE Accredited)

Minors offered:

Human Services Minor

School of Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management (HSTM)


Dr. Anthony Dixon, Director
334 670-3827

Dr. Fred Green, Graduate Coordinator
334 670-3764

Dr. Win (Gi-Yong) Koo, Ph.D. Program Coordinator
334 670-5763

Majors offered:

B.S. - Hospitality, Sport and Tourism Management (requires minor)
(Students will choose an area of concentration from Hospitality, Sport, or Tourism Management).

Minors offered:

Hospitality Management 
Sport Management 
Tourism Management 

Graduate offerings:

M.S. in Sport and Fitness Management
Ph.D. in Sport Management
Sport Management Doctoral FAQ

Graduate concentrations:

Athletic Administration 
Exercise Science