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Course Test Drive

Within Troy University’s Canvas learning management system, the highest quality online pre-licensing courses have been designed to prepare you to pass the state exam.  So that you may gain a feel for the courses, samples of the key learning elements are shown below.  View module instructions, a chapter introductory video, voice-over slides, flashcards, and text.  As you will see, the material is delivered in straight forward and easy to understand segments.

Module Instructions

Please progress through the module as follows:

  1. Watch the introduction video.
  2. View all slides for the chapter.
  3. Review the flash cards.
  4. Take the quiz. 

Once a grade of 80 is earned on the module quiz, the next module will become available. 

Introduction Video


Chapter 1 Flashcards


Chapter 1 Quiz (sample)

P&C quiz test drive

Chapter 1 Text (sample)

chapter 1 text