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100 - Policy

POLICY 101-107

Policy shall be defined as a general principle by which the university is guided in its management. This term, as it is applied, denotes a general purpose to direct the welfare of the institution.

Policy of the university shall be maintained in a manner that can be:

  • Read
  • Reviewed
  • Updated
  • Tracked
  • Be the source for all institutional documents as needed

All policy proposed within the university shall be routed in a manner that ensures appropriate review by persons up to and including the chief executive officer (Chancellor) of the institution.

Policy approved by the Chancellor will be identified in the official minutes of the Chancellor’s Cabinet or by a directive issued by the Chancellor.

Policy approved by the Board of Trustees will be identified in the official minutes of Board meetings.

  1. A policy is identified for review, or
  2. A new policy is proposed, then
  3. These are given to the appropriate Senior Vice Chancellor who
  4. Establishes a small group of stakeholders to prepare the proposed policy
  5. A meeting is held with the stakeholders to draft a proposal
  6. Once the proposed policy is drafted, it should be reviewed for legal and financial implications and assessed as to how people will be trained on the new policy and how the policy will be enforced
  7. If applicable a meeting of the highest ranked standing committee of the University affected by the proposed policy should approve the changed policy or the proposed new policy
  8. If not it goes back to step # 4 (if not approved the second time it is tabled for later review)
  9. If approved, the Senior Vice Chancellor’s Group reviews the draft
  10. If not approved it goes back to step # 7 (if not approved the second time it is tabled for later review)
  11. If approved it goes to the Chancellor’s cabinet for final review
  12. If not accepted it goes back to step # 9
  13. When approved by the Chancellor’s Cabinet it is recommended to the Chancellor
  14. If not approved by the Chancellor, the Chancellor determines the next step
  15. If approved it either goes to the Board for final approval as needed or is then posted as a new or revised (changed/updated) policy.
  16. If policy is not approved by the Board the Chancellor determines the next step
  17. If the policy is approved it is added to the Troy University policy database/ePolicy Manual
  18. Policy notice is sent to the University community as needed
  19. Training on the policy is conducted as needed to ensure the policy is understood
  20. Policy in various handbooks is updated as needed.

Policy identified in the university central policy database ePolicy Manual shall include:

  • The source and date of the policy
  • The office of primary responsibility (OPR)
  • The timeframe for review and
  • The sequential dates when the policy was updated (changed).
  • Example: (Approved: Board of Trustees May 1, 2006 meeting, Advancement (OPR), review every five years- last updated 5/1/06)


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