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Venue Information

Venue Information

The Davis Theatre is a 1,200 seated auditorium, fully equipped venue with friendly and professional staff. The Davis Theatre mailing address, operating hours, and various contact information; including rates and services offered to Civic Organizations for venue leasing or equipment rental are listed below.

Theatre Address 

Troy University's Davis Theatre for the Performing Arts 
251 Montgomery Street 
Montgomery, AL 36104 
334-241-9756 (fax)

P.O. Box 2226
Montgomery, AL 36102-2226

Office Operating Hours 

Monday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Tuesday: 8:00 am- 5:00 pm
Wednesday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Thursday: 8:00 am - 5:00 pm
Friday: 8:00 am- 12:00 pm

Rental Rates 

$500 non-refundable deposit fee for holding a date. 
Deposit fee will go towards final rental cost.

1 Day: 1 Show - $1,760 plus labor

Labor Cost:
based on technical specifications and move-in and move- out times.
Includes the following:

  • Base Rental
  • Technical Director-First 4 Hours Included in Base Rental
  • Fire Marshal-First 2 hours Included in Base Rental
  • Campus Police-2 Officers
  • Janitorial
  • Basic Lights
  • Basic Sounds 

Labor Add-Ins

  • Technical Director - $23.00 hourly
  • Stagehands - $80.00
    (4 hour minimum at $20 per hour)
  • Ushers - $80.00
     (4 hour minimum at $20 per hour)
  • Fire Marshal - $50.00 hourly

Additional Rehearsal And Performance Cost 

  • Day-Before Rehearsal - $660.00
  • Same-Day Rehearsal - $110.00
  • Matinee Performance - $440.00

Required Labor Charges 

  • Technical Director - $23.00 hourly 
    The first four hours are included in the base rental.
  • Stagehand(s) - $80.00 
    Four hour minimum at $20 per hour
  • Usher(s) - $80.00                                           
     Four hour minimum at $20 per hour
  • Fire Marshal - $50.00 hourly 
    The first two hours are included in the base rental. Fire Marshals are required to be at Davis Theatre one hour before doors open.
  • Traffic Patrol Officers - $25.00 hourly 
    Traffic Patrol Officers are required for children’s shows and are required to be at Davis Theatre one hour before show time.

Number Of Traffic Patrol Officers Required:
0—500 attendees - 3 Officers 
501—1150 attendees - 4 Officers

Additional Charges Based on Technical Rider

  • Projector and Screen - $275.00
  • Orchestra Pit Uncovered - $165.00 
    Required at least ten (10) days notice prior to performance
  • Grand Piano - $220.00 
    Required at least ten (10) days notice prior to performance
  • Fax Machine Usage - $1.00 
    Per page to send or receive
  • Photocopies - $0.25 
    Per Page
  • Merchandise Tables - $27.50 each 
    The renter has the option, but not the obligation, to display, promote and/or sale souvenir items audio/video cassettes, gifts, pins, and T-Shirts in connection with and at the performance. Accounting for such sale will be handled by Davis Theatre’s representative and a representative of the renter.                                                                                 
    Twenty percent (20%) of gross sales shall be paid to the Davis Theatre prior to the renter’s departure from the theatre.
  • Board Room Usage - $55.00 per day 
    Board Room Usage must be approved before renting
  • Sitting Room Usage - $55.00 per day 
    Sitting Room Usage must be approved before renting

Davis Theatre Guidelines and General Information 

  • Troy University’s Davis Theatre seats 1200 people. 584 seats are on the Main Floor and 616 seats are in the Balcony. Dressing room area has two bathrooms and an additional restroom on stage.
  • There is a minimum of a fourteen (14) day notice prior to booking an event.  
  • Before a contract can be issued, a technical rider must be sent to the office. A technical rider is documentation which the renter creates, listing their move-in time, move-out time, show time, and technical specifications, such as lights, sound and number of microphones. The renter may contact Davis Theatre’s Technical Director to discuss technical needs before generating a technical rider and contract.
  • Renters must pay a $500 non-refundable deposit fee for holding a date. The deposit fee will go towards the rental.
  • The deposit fee is due 7 business days after the date was been booked. If the deposit fee is not received within 7 business days, the renter’s held date will automatically be deleted.
  • After a date has been confirmed, submit your Technical Rider to or fax it to:  334-241-9756.
  • If a renter has to reschedule a date, it must be reschedule within two months of the original date held for the deposit fee to transfer.
  • If a show is cancelled twice in a row, within the given year, the renter cannot book a date or rent the theatre for one year, unless the cancellation is due to extenuating circumstance (Acts of God, Death, etc.)
  • ALL shows brought into Davis Theatre must be family oriented.
  • DO NOT advertise until the contract is finalized, otherwise rental must be paid in full.
  • All advertisements must include Troy University’s Davis Theatre.
  • As part Davis Theatre’s contract, 12 tickets on the main floor must be given to the lessor, Davis Theatre.
  • To rent additional rooms on campus, please contact Facilities Scheduling at 334-241-9543.


Seating Capacity: 

  • Main Floor Capacity - 584 seats
  • Balcony Capacity - 616 seats 
  • Total Capacity - 1,200 seats 

The Fine Print

The information presented here is not a contractual agreement and shall not be treated as such. The Davis Theatre reserves the right to change the information concerning fees and charges presented on this page at any point without prior notification here.