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Support for Our Armed Forces

To all Trojans serving our country in the Armed Forces:

 Headshot of Dr. Jack Hawkins, Jr.On behalf of the entire Troy University family, please accept my heartfelt appreciation for your service to our nation. Troy University has a long history of service to the United States Military. More than 60 general or flag-rank officers are graduates of this University.

You are part of the latest generation of Trojans to serve with distinction. Your service to your nation in wartime is not taken for granted by your University. I thank you for your service in a just cause, and promise that our prayers are with you at this time.

If your circumstances allow you to do so, please complete the form that accompanies this letter. We want to know where you are and how you are faring.

I offer you Troy University’s best wishes and our hopes for your safe return from harm’s way.


Jack Hawkins, Jr., Ph.D. 


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