The University will increase student access to higher education by providing programs that offer on-campus and on-line capabilities as well as programs that are offered in blended format, with a goal of increasing enrollment on the traditional Troy campus to 8,000 students by 2022 with the new student growth of 2% in its fall-to-fall comparison of new enrollments. Our intent is to regain momentum in our 18 county service areas plus growth areas of greater Birmingham, Mobile, Baldwin County plus Florida Panhandle. 



Academic and administrative units will enhance their efforts to serve students in ways that improve retention and persistence to graduation with a goal of increasing overall retention by 1 % annually as measured by fall-to-fall enrollments.



TROY will aggressively ensure that its academic programs enable students to earn degrees that are relevant to the market and social needs of the State of Alabama and the communities where students reside. Our goal will be maintaining the total number of graduates at the spring 2020 level over the next five years and achieve a 50% six-year graduation rate over the next five years.



In the face of a worldwide pandemic, Troy University will hold fast to its identity as Alabama’s International University and its sustained commitment to diversity through these actions.



The University will increasingly position the three distributed campuses as gateways to all of the academic programs that the University supports.  As part of this strategic plan, the University will pursue the growth of academic programs that meet the specific needs of the communities where these campuses are located and ensure that local students can successfully complete TROY degrees by efficiently accessing programs that blend in-class and on-line offerings. Additionally, the university will continue to review the physical plant at each location to ensure efficient use of the facilities including leasing excess space to community service units and disposal of excess property where appropriate.



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