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Accelerated Law Program

About the Accelerated Law Program 

Are you interested in pursuing a career in law?  There is a way to receive your law degree in six years instead of seven.

Two degrees in six years

Troy University partnered with Faulkner, Samford, and Mississippi College to offer its students a way to complete their bachelor’s and Juris Doctor degrees within six years. The following is your guide:

  • Three years at Troy University with a minor in legal studies.
  • Take the LSAT.
  • Apply to Faulkner, Samford, or Mississippi College law schools, where your GPA and LSAT scores will be evaluated.
  • After acceptance, complete three years at Faulkner, Samford, or Mississippi College law schools.
    - After your first year, your progress will be evaluated, and if there are no objections, you will receive your bachelor’s degree from TROY.
    - Completing the last two years, you can obtain your Juris Doctor degree and can apply to sit for the Alabama State Bar Association exam.

Available majors for students interested in Accelerated Law:

The Future of Law

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) estimates that between 2012 and 2022, the job outlook for lawyers will increase by 10 percent—an average growth rate. According to the BLS, whether you’re hoping to represent individuals, businesses or government agencies on matters such as disputes and legal issues, you’ll encounter stiff competition in this highly competitive field. However, the effort you put into your education will eventually pay off. The BLS reports that as of 2012, the national median salary for a lawyer was $113,530 per year.

If at any point in your career you want to use your law school training in other ways, lawyers have found great success behind the gavel and lectern. In 2012, the BLS reported that the national median salary for judges or hearing officers was $102,980 per year. Likewise, the BLS reports show that as of 2013, the national median salary for postsecondary law teachers was $105,080 annually.


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