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Legal Studies Courses (LGL)

LGL 2200 - Introduction to Legal Studies (3)

This course provides an introduction to the structure and processes of the American legal system as well as study of the development and patterns of growth of the legal profession (including, but not limited to the responsibilities, requirements and benefits for attorneys, judges, prosecutors, jury analyst, specialized testimony experts, forensic investigators and paralegals). Focus is placed on the examination of the central issues and processes of the entire legal system and how individuals and “workgroups” cooperatively organize and influence the American legal system. This course will satisfy the prerequisite of CJ 1101 for CJ 3352, CJ 4442 and CJ 4447 for Legal Studies minors and Non-Criminal Justice Majors.

LGL 3300 - Legal Research and Writing (3)

This course will provide a comprehensive working knowledge and understanding of research materials and research tools. Key competencies will include the use of both manual and automated forms of legal references, understanding and distinguishing sources of law, legal research skills and the analysis of legal research problems. Prerequisite: ENG 1101.

LGL 4400 - Seminar in Legal Studies (3)

The course will include an overview of the legal assisting profession, the duties and ethical responsibilities of the legal professionals including the attorney’s code of conduct. It will examine law office practices and procedures, which includes case assignment, document handling and filing, time keeping, billing and law office communication. Furthermore, this course provides the facts and principles that form the basis of law related to Criminal Prosecution and Defense, Bankruptcy, Business Organizations, Litigation, Real Estate, and Estate Planning and Probate.

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