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Communication Arts - Communication Studies Track

About the Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies

The study of communication is fundamental to understanding how messages are interpreted through cultural, political, economic, social and psychological dimensions. That’s why variety and flexibility are found at the core of TROY’s Communication Arts degree with an emphasis in Communication Studies.

Become a strong communicator


TROY’s communication studies track develops both humanistic and social scientific skills to explore how people create and share meaning. As a communication studies major, you will hone writing, research, presentation and analytical skills that are critical to your future success. You’ll also learn how to develop effective, ethical messages using traditional and emerging media and techniques. All of this is done while enhancing your own self-awareness as you learn about your individual communication strengths and weaknesses and how to improve your skills.

This program boasts a curriculum that balances academic research with creative expression and community service. As a student within TROY’s Hall School of Journalism and Communication, you’ll learn about emerging media presentation technologies. After studying conflict management, you’ll have the opportunity to apply what you’ve learned through projects that serve the community.

Opportunity awaits


As part of learning about small group communication, you’ll be required to do field research observing small groups in a real-world setting. While learning about the history and techniques of propaganda, you’ll prepare case studies to present to classmates. Away from the classroom, you’ll be given incredible opportunities to study abroad and do internships. In an ever-changing career field, these experiences will prepare you for professional flexibility—an invaluable skill in today’s workplace.




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Program Locations

  • Troy Campus
  • TROY SEGi Campus - Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia