Computer Science

About the Computer Science Program 

The computer science program provides students with a curriculum in the key domains of computer science. The program provides students with computer science knowledge and skills while preparing them for careers in computer technology and for advanced study in graduate courses.

Whether joining the workforce or continuing on to graduate studies, the TROY computer science program can help you realize your full potential.

Students in this program have options with TROY to learn in a classroom, online or in a blended program. They have the opportunity to work on individual and team projects that include game design, cell phone apps, web applications, visualizations and more.

Students in the computer science undergraduate and graduate programs benefit from small classes and an active Computer Science Club, a student organization that hosts weekly seminars, study sessions and many other activities.

TROY’s undergraduate curriculum is centered in the latest technological advances taught by a caring and highly qualified faculty. Students work on individual and team projects, focusing on game design, cell phone apps, web applications, visualization, Teensy Board Programming and database accessing applications to name a few.

The enormous growth of current and emerging technologies has generated a need for graduates with computer science degrees. Students graduating from Troy University’s undergraduate and graduate programs are prepared to work in a wide range of computing roles such as software engineers, system analysts, computer system designers or computer programmers.

Students also have the option of mixing traditional classroom courses with online courses through TROY’s eTROY programs such as:

  • cyber security
  • advanced programming
  • careers in computer technology


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Program Locations

  • Troy Campus
  • TROY HUST Campus - Hanoi, Vietnam
  • TROY DTU Campus - Da Nang, Vietnam
  • TROY STU Campus - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam