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About the Bachelor of Applied Science in Resource and Technology Management

As technology continues to advance, so does the need for professionals with technical aptitude and management skills. Troy University’s Bachelor of Applied Science (BAs) in Resource and Technology Management degree program provides you with a unique interdisciplinary education that combines business management, social sciences and technical skills in the sciences. You’ll learn how to manage, supervise, address challenges and communicate effectively on technical issues in the workplace.

McCall Hall on TROY's Campus.
“Since I was coming from the military, my Academic Advisor led me to the Resource and Technology Management program. It was going to be the most bang for my buck. It also had a lot of military classes on management, and it was more friendly than other schools.”
Tyler Nabors | 2020 graduate, Resource and Technology Management | Vocational Teacher

A Customizable Technology Management Degree

Earn a truly multifaceted degree in management and technology at TROY. Our technology management program combines coursework in management, marketing, computer science, social science, psychology and applied science to prepare you for rewarding careers in information technology, human resources and other fields. With seven emphases available, you can tailor the technology management degree to your interests and career goals. Choose from human resources, leadership, sociology, criminal justice/cyber security, computer science, general science or military science.

Transferable Skills for Today’s Dynamic Workplace

In addition to skills within your chosen specialization, you’ll develop competencies transferable to a variety of careers. These skills include marketing, management, computer science, statistics, psychology, social science and leadership. This wide breadth of knowledge and skills can make you more marketable in technology management careers and in other areas like business intelligence, civil engineering, nuclear technology and the military. 
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Resource and Technology Management Curriculum

While specific courses may vary from year to year and according to your specialization, coursework for the technology management degree may include:
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Technology Management Program Locations

Earn your technology management degree online, on the Troy campus or in a blended format. For more information about program availability and delivery options, call 1-800-414-5756

What Can You Do with a BAs Degree in Resource and Technology Management?

By combining business principles with technology management and other disciplines, TROY’s technology management degree qualifies you for jobs across industries and sectors. Our graduates work in technology, business, industry, military and the sciences. With experience in various disciplines, our faculty can guide you toward career options in your emphasis area, whether you’re interested in social sciences, leadership, human resources or something else.

Maybe you want to oversee the daily operations of an organization, such as manufacturing facilities. Maybe you want to direct a sales team or manage human resources. Or, perhaps you’re interested in supervising a team of scientists, chemists or biologists. With TROY’s technology management degree, your opportunities are limitless. 
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Technology Management Careers

Technology management jobs include positions in sales, human resources, cybersecurity, the sciences and more.

Faculty Profiles

Dr. Robert Vilardi

Dr. Robert Vilardi

Dr. Vilardi is Director of the Resource and Technology Management program, a lecturer on the mathematics staff and Campus Coordinator for the College of Arts and Sciences at the Montgomery Campus at TROY.

Resource and Technology Management Program Concentrations

Tailor your management and technology degree with one of several available concentrations.
Human Resources
Build expertise and skills in management, organizational behavior, employment law and more. This concentration prepares you for human resources careers such as human resources specialist, manager and generalist.
Learn leadership tools and gain real-world experience in practicing leadership. This concentration can help you be more effective in your current position or prepare you for new leadership roles such as manager, sales manager, operations manager, program coordinator, account manager and group leader.
Gain an understanding of human behavior and relationships with each other, the environment and institutions. This concentration teaches you how to analyze social issues and trends, communicate effectively and apply ethical principles to your work. It prepares you for a variety of jobs in human resources, marketing and leadership, including human resources coordinator, diversity manager or media planner. 
Criminal Justice/Cyber Security
Deepen your understanding of cyber crime, computer forensics and security operations. You’ll gain the skills you need for technology management jobs such as cyber security manager, cyber security analyst and cyber security engineer. 
Computer Science
Learn the basics of computer science principles, networking and cyber security. This concentration prepares you for technology management careers such as computer and information systems manager, computer systems analyst, data warehousing specialist and information technology project manager.
General Science
Learn about environmental assessment, toxic and hazardous materials and current issues in environmental management. In this concentration, you’ll prepare for technology management careers in natural resource management, including natural resource specialist, natural resource manager, natural resources project specialist and nuclear technician.
Military Science
If you have sufficient military credit, you can specialize in military science and learn principles such as military leadership, officership, teamwork and more. This concentration prepares you for the unique duties and responsibilities of military officers and leaders.

Scholarships and Funding for the Management and Technology Degree

The resource and technology management program offers several ways to offset the cost of your bachelor’s degree. TROY accepts American Council on Education (ACE) credits and military service toward your degree. You may also apply for the Dean’s Excellence Scholarship or the Military and Family Scholarship.


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FAQ About the Resource and Technology Management Program

Learn more about the field of resource and technology management and our program.
What is resource management?
Resource management is the process of planning and allocating human, technological or natural resources for a project, business or organization. Resource managers help ensure organizations and projects have the right people, materials, equipment and budget to achieve their goals.
What is technology management?
Technology management is a type of resource management that deals with information technology, software programs, computer networks, cyber security and more. Technology managers plan, implement and evaluate an organization’s technology to find ways to optimize its performance and impact.
What jobs can I get with a technology management degree?
A technology management degree can lead to jobs as a project manager, business analyst, software engineer, cyber security specialist or data warehousing specialist.

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Resource management and information and technology management are more important than ever. The need for skilled leaders who can help businesses, organizations and individuals thrive in a global, technology-driven economy has never been more acute.

Resource and Technology Management: A Career for a Globally Connected Workplace

“There’s an app for that!” has become a cliché that’s nevertheless, true. From learning to dating to entertainment, work, transportation, manufacturing and healthcare — you name it — technology is at your service. That phone in your pocket? It puts the world at your fingertips, 24/7, wherever you are. You don’t need to leave your house to shop, research information, get a college degree, visit with faraway relatives, enjoy a restaurant meal, visit a doctor, or go on a job interview; technology can help you do all that from the comfort of home.

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