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Cyber Security

About the Cyber Security Degree

You don’t have to wear a metal badge to protect your fellow man. With a significant amount of the world’s crime being committed online, the need for web security professionals is at an all-time high. Troy University’s cyber security undergraduate degree will equip you to work within the world of information technology (IT) and provide protection to your future clients and organizations.

Learn from experience

As you work your way through TROY’s cyber security program, you will learn from seasoned and knowledgeable faculty members. These men and women are dedicated to providing you with the understanding and skills you’ll need to help others protect important (and sometimes classified) information and digital assets. Upon graduation, you’ll possess the professional tools you’ll need to craft organized methods of detection, prevention, countering and recovery methods for your future clientele.  

Opportunities await!

Today’s world is data-driven. That’s why companies and organizations look for qualified cyber security professionals to be their main lines of defense against any and all cyberattacks. As a recipient of TROY’s bachelor’s degree in cyber security, you will find job opportunities available within computer companies, consulting firms and businesses and financial companies. According to the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics, information security analysts are about to experience a surge of career opportunities with the job outlook increasing by 28 percent—a rate that is much faster than average.



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