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Bachelor of Arts in Music 

Are you a music lover who knows how to play an instrument, sing or write music? Or, do you have a desire to possess these skills? You could be hitting the right note by pursuing a bachelor’s degree from Troy University in general music.

Exceptional education

The John M. School of Music at TROY is a vital part of our dynamic, global University. Focusing on musical excellence in the classroom and in the performance arena, the School of Music is committed to helping you become a competent, caring music professional. From the “Sound of the South” to the sounds coming from classrooms and performance halls across the country and around the world, TROY’s School of Music continues its tradition of making a difference one student at a time.

Expert instruction

In TROY’s general music program, you will take classes taught by skilled and knowledgeable faculty members who have a passion for music and guiding you toward success. Within your courses, you will learn about music traditions from around the globe and how those traditions are entwined with the human experience. While some courses will help you trace the development of Western music from ancient worlds all the way to the contemporary periods, others will teach you the fundamentals of music, including rhythm and meter, note names, intervals, scales and more.

As a general music major, you’ll have access to incredible opportunities that allow you to participate in hands-on courses that will give you the skills for keyboard musicianship and sight reading, sight singing, improvisation techniques, harmonization and chorale playing. You will also participate in classes focusing on the applications of the microcomputer, music teaching, and the management, planning and record-keeping tasks of the music educator.

Opportunities abound!

As a music major, you’ll have ample opportunities to enhance and share your vocal and instrumental talents. Whether you perform with one of TROY’s many instrumental or vocal ensembles, as a music student you’ll gain experience through taking part in some of the School of Music’s 200-plus annual, public performances. Every year, TROY students perform to a collective audience of more than 250,000 people.

You and your fellow classmates will also be able to develop deeper knowledge and attitudes needed to become artistic performers and intelligent consumers of music. At TROY, music majors are provided with real-world experiences designed to prepare them for viable careers in music performance, music industry and music education should students decide to pursue education as a double major. 




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