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Music Courses (MUS)

MUS 1102 - Music Theory I (3)

Study of music fundamentals including rhythm and meter, note names, intervals, major and minor scales, key signatures, triads, seventh chords, cadences, introduction to Roman Numeral and Macro analysis, non-chord tones and suspensions, and beginning part-writing. Co-requisites for music majors: MUS 1105, 1107.

MUS 1103 - Music Theory II (3)

Study of diatonic and chromatic harmony including secondary dominant functioning chords, borrowed chords, Neapolitan chord, and augmented sixth chords, modulation, advanced part-writing, and intermediate-level harmonic analysis. Prerequisite: MUS 1102. Co-requisites for music majors: MUS 1106, 1108.

MUS 1105 - Class Piano I (1)

Introduction to basic keyboard musicianship and music reading skills. Focuses on beginning improvisation techniques, harmonization and beginning chorale playing.

MUS 1106 - Class Piano II (1)

Development of intermediate-level keyboard skills including improvisational techniques, chorale playing, sight reading and transposition. Prerequisite: MUS 1105.

MUS 1107 - Aural Skills I (1)

Beginning sight-singing and rhythmic reading, melodic, harmonic and rhythmic dictation, and interval and chord quality identification.

MUS 1108 - Aural Skills II (1)

Intermediate-level sight-singing and rhythmic reading, melodic, harmonic and rhythmic dictation, and interval and chord quality identification. Prerequisite: MUS 1107.

MUS 1110-4429 - Private Instruction (1 credit hour per semester, 1 lesson per week)

1110/2210/3310/4410 Violin
1111/2211/3311/4411 Viola
1112/2212/3312/4412 Cello
1113/2213/3313/4413 String Bass
1114/2214/3314/4414 Piano
1115/2215/3315/4415 Organ
1116/2216/3316/4416 Voice
1117/2217/3317/4417 Clarinet
1118/2218/3318/4418 Oboe
1119/2219/3319/4419 Flute
1120/2220/3320/4420 Bassoon
1121/2221/3321/4421 Saxophone
1122/2222/3322/4422 Trumpet
1123/2223/3323/4423 Horn
1124/2224/3324/4424 Trombone
1125/2225/3325/4425 Euphonium
1126/2226/3326/4426 Tuba
1127/2227/3327/4427 Percussion
1128/2228/3328/4428 Guitar
1129/2229/3329/4429 Composition

1000-level courses are for non-majors and music majors studying secondary instruments. Music majors will study two semesters each at the 2000, 3000, and 4000 levels. Approval for advancement will be given at jury examinations by faculty in each area (keyboard, voice, brass, woodwinds, percussion).

MUS 1131 - Music Appreciation (3)

Orientation, vocal and instrumental media, forms, historical development and guided listening. Credit for this course does not apply toward any program in music.

MUS 1140 - World Music Workshop (2)

A hands-on course that surveys traditional music from around the globe, with an emphasis on exploratory play.

MUS 1145 - Folk Music of the Americas (1)

An ensemble that plays traditional music from many regions throughout the Americas. The group performs old time songs and folk tunes from the United States, as well as indigenous songs, folk songs and tunes from Central and South America, and syncretic music, exploring a broad variety of American cultural traditions.

MUS 1146 - Chinese Folk Ensemble (1)

A traditional music group dedicated to promoting cultural exchange through playing a variety of traditional Chinese instruments and melodies from various regions around the country.

MUS 1147 - Celtic Ensemble (1)

A traditional music group that performs tunes and songs of Irish, Scottish, Welsh, Galician, Breton, and Scandinavian origins. It has a varied instrumentation and an emphasis on learning melodies aurally.

MUS 1149 - Sangeet Ensemble (1)

The ensemble will explore traditional and classical musics from the rich variety of cultures throughout India and the surrounding regions of Nepal, Pakistan, and Bangladesh through learning songs, melodies, rhythms and lore.

MUS 1150 - Guitar Ensemble (1)

This course is designed to increase student knowledge of guitar ensemble and chamber music repertoire through performance, listening and concert attendance.

MUS 1155 - Opera Workshop (1)

This course is a performance workshop, uniquely tailored to showcase enrolled students. Students will be assigned a scene or a role, be expected to learn music independently, coach music and presentation during class hours and perform on designated concert date(s). This course is open to all students interested in classical singing and performance. Students will audition for roles and be coached with positive reinforcement to be part of a successful performing ensemble representing the School of Music.

MUS 1181 - Band (1) Fall; (1) Spring Marching Band (fall) and concert band (spring).

Open to all students by permission of director.

MUS 1183 - Collegiate Singers (1-3)

Choral group devoted to performance of choral masterworks. Note: open to all students with permission of instructor.

MUS 2202 - Music Theory III (3)

Study and analysis of structures and procedures of the Common Practice period, beginning with phrase and period structures and continuing through binary, ternary, sonata-allegro, sonata-rondo, fugue, variation, and through-composed forms. Prerequisite: MUS 1103. Co-requisite for music majors: MUS 2207.

MUS 2203 - Music Theory IV (3)

Study and analysis of music from the Late Romantic period through 21st Century compositional and analytical practices. Prerequisite: MUS 2202.

MUS 2207 - Aural Skills III (1)

Advanced sight-singing and rhythmic reading, melodic, harmonic and rhythmic dictation including chromatic harmonies, and interval and chord quality identification. Prerequisite: MUS 1108.

MUS 2235 - Listening to Jazz (3)

An exploration of jazz in American culture.

MUS 2240 - World Music Cultures (3)

A survey of diverse musical traditions from around the globe. Musical cultures are approached anthropologically, and each culture will be examined to understand how music is entwined with human experience.

MUS 2245 - Classic Vinyl: Rock and Roll Revisited (3)

An exploration of Rock and Roll in American culture.

MUS 2250 - Survey of Western Music History I (3)

This course traces the development of Western music from the ancient and medieval worlds through the Renaissance and baroque periods.

MUS 2251 - Survey of Western Music History II (3)

This course traces the development of Western music from the 18th century through the classical, romantic and contemporary periods.

MUS 3305 - Music Technologies (3)

Study of the applications of the microcomputer to music teaching and to the management, planning, and record-keeping tasks of the music educator.

MUS 3306 - Conducting (3)

Basic conducting techniques for instrumental and choral groups. Includes score study, rehearsal techniques and interpretation of various styles. Prerequisite: MUS 1103.

MUS 3335 - Choral Leadership (1)

Intensive score study, performance practices, and conducting practice of standard repertoire.

MUS 3340 - Diction for Singers (1)

Focuses on student understanding and application of singing of the English, Italian, Latin, German and French languages through use of the International Phonetic Alphabet and appropriate art song repertoire. Prerequisites: ENG 1102, MUS 2216.

MUS 3341 - Vocal Pedagogy (1)

A study of vocal teaching methods with an emphasis on application for private voice and choral teachers. This course also includes a review of vocal/choral pedagogical literature. Prerequisite: MUS 2216.

MUS 3346 - Educational Psychology & Classroom Assessment in Fine Arts (3)

This course provides a broad foundation in aspects of assessment and educational psychology.

MUS 3351 - Class Brass (1)

Group instruction in techniques of playing and teaching brass instruments.

MUS 3352 - Class Woodwinds (1)

Introduction to each of the principal woodwind instruments, emphasizing teaching techniques suitable for band classes.

MUS 3353 - Class Percussion (1)

Group instruction in playing and teaching the principal pitched and non-pitched percussion instruments.

MUS 3354 - Class Strings (1)

Group instruction in techniques of playing and teaching stringed instruments.

MUS 3356 - Class Voice (1)

Introduction to the use of the singing voice for non-voice principals in music education.

MUS 3360 - Wind and Percussion Methods (1)

Students will demonstrate theoretical, pedagogical and performance knowledge of/on selected wind/percussion instruments and awareness of instrument materials and rehearsal techniques, and will review the role of the instrumental music educator in music education.

MUS 3361 - Integrating Music into the Curriculum (3)

Basic skills and methods of presentation and evaluation for music in grades P-6. Role-playing experiences are used to demonstrate appropriate materials, student involvement and motivational techniques. Prerequisite: MUS 1131.

MUS 3365 - Class Composition (1)

Creative musical writing, criticism, and study of compositional techniques. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.

MUS 3380 - Travel Study in Music (1-3)

Supervised study of music through travel abroad or within the United States. May be repeated for credit. Prerequisite: permission of instructor.

MUS 3382 - Choral Techniques (3)

Organizational and instructional strategies for teaching music through performance in choir. Includes a field component. Prerequisite: MUS 1103 and junior standing.

MUS 3384 - Band Techniques (3)

Organizational and instrumental strategies for teaching music through performance in band. Includes a field experience component. Prerequisite: MUS 1103 and junior standing.

MUS 3385 - Symphony Band (1)

Select concert organization for performance of advanced literature for band and wind ensemble. Prerequisite: Audition.

MUS 3386 - Jazz Ensembles (1)

Select ensemble for performance in a wide variety of jazz styles. Prerequisite: Audition.

MUS 3387 - Concert Chorale (1)

This mixed chamber choir performs challenging classical, traditional, and contemporary choral repertoire. Prerequisite: Audition.

MUS 4400/ 01/02 - Selected Topics (1-3 per course)

Detailed investigation of a specialized topic not covered in regularly offered courses, or an advanced section for intensive study.

MUS 4403 - Classroom Management for the Music Educator (3)

The purpose of this course is to establish a foundation of content and application relative to classroom management for the music educator (P-12). Provides opportunities for analysis and application of behavioral management techniques in general music and performance-based pedagogical settings.

MUS 4430 - Flute Choir (1)

This course is designed to increase student knowledge of flute choir repertoire through performance, listening, and discussion.

MUS 4431 - Trumpet Ensemble (1)

Ensemble course open to all students.

MUS 4432 - Percussion Ensemble (1)

Ensemble course open to all students.

MUS 4433 - Clarinet Choir (1)

Ensemble course open to all students.

MUS 4435 - Campus Concert Band (1)

Ensemble course open to all students.

MUS 4436 - Vocal Jazz Ensemble (1)

This ensemble is designed to provide a quality performance experience for students of all majors and levels, utilizing excellent ensemble vocal jazz repertoire. Prerequisite: Audition.

MUS 4440 - Marching Band Techniques (3)

This course is designed to provide students with tools and techniques to successfully administer a high school marching band program, select and rehearse music, write and rehearse drill, and examine various marching techniques. Also included are intensive work with the Pyware Drill Design software and experiences with writing drill and creating working frameworks for marching bands.

MUS 4460 - Music for the Diverse Learner (3)

Theoretical and practical exploration of the use of music to teach various populations of exceptional learners. Hands-on experience provided with exceptional populations and designing musical activities for each. Prerequisite: sophomore standing.

MUS 4461 - Orchestration and Arranging (2)

Ranges, transpositions and other characteristics of standard instruments and voices. Arranging/composition projects. Prerequisite: MUS 2202.

MUS 4470 - Instrument Repair (2)

Course includes basic musical instrument adjustment, maintenance and repair, common industry standards and guidelines, practical evaluation and hands-on adjustment and repair.

MUS 4471 - Music for ECE and Elementary School (3-4)

Materials and planning techniques for music in grades P-6. Singing, listening, movement, instrument playing and creative activities will be explored. Multicultural elements, observation, teaching experiences, and practical application of ideas will be included. Prerequisites: MUS 1103 and junior standing.

MUS 4472 - Internship in Music Education (9)

The Professional Internship Program is the culminating clinical field-based experience for students seeking certification in a teaching field. The Professional Internship Program provides the student with the opportunity to conduct classes and assume the role of a teacher while receiving supervision from a classroom teacher and a university supervisor for a period of one full semester. The student will demonstrate skills of the informed, reflective decision maker throughout the internship experience. Prerequisite: admission to TEP. Co-requisite: IED 4454.

MUS 4481 - Methods and Materials for the Secondary Music Teacher (3-4)

Teaching methods, selection, organization and use of music materials in grades 6-12. Observation and teaching experiences will be included. Prerequisites: MUS 4471 and admission to TEP.

MUS 4491-92 - Guided Independent Research (1 to 3 credit hours per course)

Additional information may be found under Independent Study and Research.

MUS 4493-94 - Guided Independent Study (1 to 3 credit hours per course)

Additional information may be found under Independent Study and Research.

MUS 4499 - Senior Recital (1)

Required for all music majors. Prerequisite: Approval Jury.

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