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Through community partnerships and inter-disciplinary collaboration, students engage in a wide variety of experiences including film screenings, simulations or serious games, as well as student dialogue around contemporary issues that enhance democratic participation and encourage active citizenship.

In addition, students participate in service initiatives to raise awareness and address community needs. One of the core initiatives of the Office of Civic Engagement is addressing a national issue that impacts our local citizens. One in four Pike County residents are food insecure. The Campus Kitchen at Troy University is a student-powered food recovery network that redirects excess food from Trojan Dining and local partners to youth and senior-serving agencies in our community. We also have an event that lets students simulate what its like to be impoverished. For more information and updates on any events and initiatives we host please follow us on Facebook and Instagram.

Important Days

Tuesday: Gardening

Wednesday: Backpacks for Kids

Thursday: Campus Kitchens: Meal Prep

Friday: Campus Kitchens: Delivery


Troy University is located in Pike County, Alabama. In recent years, one fourth of county residents and more than one third of children in the county live below the poverty line. Help address local needs related to poverty and hunger through these programs:

  • The Campus Kitchens Project – captures and reclaims unused, excess food from the campus dining hall and directs meals to those in need in our local community. For more information, find The Campus Kitchen at Troy University on Facebook.
  • Backpack for Kids – coordinated in conjunction with Troy University’s Freshman Forum, each week students prepare backpacks filled with supplemental food for local children in need.
  • Spring Food Drive & Can Castle Contest – each Spring the university mobilizes to address local hunger through this food drive which annually collects over 5,000 lbs of food.
  • Poverty Simulation-We will have a chance for students who are interested to simulate what it’s like to live in poverty, this is an event that happens every semester, more information and dates will be on our Facebook and Instagram.

Connect with us on Facebook or Instagram for info, schedule and volunteer needs for Backpack for Kids, the Poverty Simulation, and the Spring Food Drive.

Food Drive

The Office of Civic Engagement promotes environmental stewardship on campus and in the community through a variety of programs. Join us to help make TROY more sustainable through these initiatives:

  • Waste Index – annual student lead data collection on waste and recycling practices on campus.
  • Community Garden Project – student-run garden project that generates fresh fruits and vegetables for local children and seniors. Get details on garden progress and volunteer needs on Facebook.
  • Recycling Initiatives - student-assisted campus and community efforts to promote recycling and waste reduction including the City of Troy’s Annual Recycling Roundup and outreach to schools.


Help promote the health and wellbeing of children and youth through the following programs:

  • Nutrition and wellness programs – monthly outreach efforts to area youth serving organizations aimed at promoting healthy nutrition and life choices.
  • Reading Initiative – monthly outreach program into local schools to promote literacy and academic achievement.

Connect to these opportunities via Facebook.


Learn about and connect to local and global issues and ways you can make a difference through these student-led initiatives.

  • Serve Well Fairs – annual event held each Fall where students can connect to volunteer opportunities in Troy and Pike Co.
  • Service Days – help meet direct, local community needs through participating in our series of service projects held each Fall and Spring. See schedule for projects each service day on Facebook.
  • Talk of Troy – discussion series on contemporary issues that meets monthly.
  • Southern Circuit Film Series – connect with contemporary issues through on-campus film and discussion series.
  • Civic Lab - This is a mentoring program hosted in partnership with Charles Henderson Middle School, the program seeks to bring deliberative discussions to 7th and 8th grade classrooms to focus on the issues of race and bias in communities . over the course of the academic school year, 8-26 college students facilitate approximately 4 discussions with the middle school students. 
  • Civic Heroes Summer Camp - This is an interactive summer camp for students entering the 4th - 6th grade. during the 6 virtual meetings campers will spend time learning about citizenship education and participating in fun activities or "missions." summer staff train and serve as camp leaders for the program.

Connect to these opportunities via Facebook.



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