Academic Year 2017 - 2018 | Troy University

Academic Year 2017 - 2018

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Anthropology Major

Applied Computer Science Major

Applied Science - Resource and Technology Management Specialization Option 1

Applied Science - Resource and Technology Management Specialization Option 2

Biology (Bachelor)

Biology Program - Biomedical Sciences Concentration

Biology Program - Food Safety Concentration

Biology Program - Preprofessional

Biology Program - General Biology Concentration

Chemistry Major

Chemistry Education Major

Comprehensive General Science Program

Comprehensive General Science Education Major

Computer Science Program

Criminal Justice Major

Criminal Justice Major - Digital Forensics Concentration

Criminal Justice Major - Homeland Security Concentration

Economics Major

Environmental Science and Field Biology - Environmental Science Concentration

History Education Major

History Major - American/Latin American Concentration

History Major - European/Asian/African Concentration

Liberal Studies Program

Marine Biology Program

Mathematics Education Major

Mathematics Major, Option 1 (Mathematical Statistics Sequence)

Mathematics Major, Option 2 (Real Analysis Sequence)

Physics Major

Political Science Major - American Politics & Public Administration Concentration

Political Science Major - International Politics Concentration

General Social Science Major

Social Science Major - Accelerated Law Program

Social Science Major - Education

Social Science Major - Geography Concentration

Social Science Major - Leadership Concentration

Sociology Major

Surveying and Geomatics Sciences Program

Undecided Major