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Welcome from the Chair of Economics, Finance, Risk Management and Insurance


The economics and finance programs were recently merged to create the Department of Economics and Finance within the Sorrell College of Business. We are thrilled to be joining forces and think the interdisciplinary division and program will enhance the educational experience for students. Students within our division will have the opportunity to pursue an Economics major with a general focus or an Economics major with a Financial Economics focus. These paths will prepare students for careers in banking and finance, and exceptional students will be ready for the challenges of law school or graduate school.

Our Finance professor, Robert Earl Stewart, helped drive some of the exciting curricular changes, and he describes our new program “The best thing to have happened to Finance in [his] 46 years at Troy University.” I agree with Robert Earl’s assessment and think the role of economics and finance is becoming increasingly important in today’s society. Whether a student only takes one course as part of their general education or earns a degree in Economics, the courses offered within our division will help students succeed in their post-college careers.

I am excited by the road that lays ahead for the Division of Economics and Finance. Our outstanding faculty members, coupled with quality courses, will combine to make for an outstanding division. I look forward to the opportunities and challenges in the new academic year and anticipate great things!


John A. Dove 

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