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Pre-Professional Programs

Pre-Professional Programs


Preparation is the Key to Professional Success

Considered among the best available, TROY's pre-professional programs feature small classes, special academic advisers, free tutors, exceptional laboratory facilities and an outstanding faculty.

Pre-Health Programs

Courses required for admission to these professional schools are available at Troy University. Admission to these schools is highly competitive. Troy University recommends that students who plan a career in Medicine, Veterinary Medicine, Pharmacy, Physician Assistant, Dentistry,Physical Therapy, Optometry, or Osteopathic medicine follow a program which leads to the bachelor of science or bachelor of arts degree.

Because certain specific courses are required by medical, dental, veterinary medicine, physician assistant, pharmacy, optometry or osteopathic medicine schools, TROY provides academic advisers and the pre-professional student has the opportunity to consult with the Health Professions adviser throughout his/her undergraduate studies.

Programs leading to professional schools normally require four years of preparatory college work and four years in the professional school. Four years of the preparatory work may be taken at Troy University.

For more information on Pre-health programs, contact: Janet Gaston

Pre-Dentistry Requirements
Pre-Medicine Requirements
Pre-Optometry Requirements
Pre-Osteopathy Requirements
Pre-Pharmacy Requirements
Pre-Physical Therapy Requirements
Pre-Veterinary Medicine Requirements

Pre-Law Programs

Admission to accredited professional schools of law requires from three to four years of college preparatory work with preference given to applicants with the bachelor's degree. Law schools generally do not prescribe a particular major or course of undergraduate study as a prerequisite for admission. All such schools emphasize the important of excellence in whichever course of study is pursued.

For students planning to enter the profession of law, it is recommended that a student pursue a bachelor's degree giving emphasis to such fields as English, history, political science, criminal justice, social science, speech communication or business. For individualized advice about courses appropriate for law school, students may consult with the advisers for the TROY Pre-Law Society.

For more information on the Pre-Law program, contact: Dr. Adam  Rutkowski, Ms. Jessica Childs, or Dr. Allen Jones

Pre-Law Requirements

Pre-Engineering Programs


Program requirements among the professional schools of engineering vary, although certain courses are common to most such schools, particularly during the first two years' work. Students may complete from one to two years of pre-engineering and basic engineering course work at TROY before transferring to a professional school. The choice of the professional school and the particular field of engineering will determine the appropriate time for transfer. Consequently, students are assigned pre-engineering academic advisers to assist them prior to registration each semester.

For more information on the Pre-engineering program, contact: Dr. Govind Menon, Dr. James Sanders

Pre-Engineering requirements

Pre-Agriculture Forestry Programs


Students who plan to follow courses of study leading to degrees in animal or poultry husbandry, dairying, farm management, horticulture, wildlife, agriculture education, or forestry may begin their course work at TROY. The Pre-Forestry curriculum at Troy University is a two year course of study that prepares students to enter the School of Forestry at Auburn University. Requirements at other universities may vary. Students planning to transfer to a university other than Auburn should contact the School of Forestry at that university and develop a personalized curriculum

For more information on the Pre-forestry program, contact: Dr. Michael Woods 

Pre-Forestry Requirements

Questions or comments? Contact the TROY Office of the Pre-Professional Studies.