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Activities, Clubs & Student Opportunities

The History and Philosophy  Department is an engaged, close-knit community of faculty, students, and staff.  With three dedicated clubs (The History Club, the Philosophy Society, and Phi Alpha Theta) putting on annual events such as Students vs. Faculty Trivia Night*, Student Colloquia, Debates, Movie Nights, and more, we welcome  all.

Click on a link to the left for more information on The Alexandrian (our annual peer-reviewed History and Philosophy publication), the McPherson-Mitchell Lecture Series, and more.


“ I am currently an Assistant Language Teacher (ALT) with a program called JET. It is sponsored by the Japanese government, and they place English teachers in public schools all throughout Japan. I am at an academic high school in Ishikawa Prefecture, and it’s amazing! I am taking ballet, learning Japanese, and touring around Japan and the rest of Asia. Basically, I am enjoying life right now. ”

Eleanor Self  |  History, 2016





*The Faculty currently owns a 5-year winning streak.  Students, don't like gloating?  Come stop us.


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