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About the Mathematics Department

Mission Statement


The Department of Mathematics at Troy University supports the University's commitment to academic excellence by providing quality programs in Mathematics. The dedicated faculty in the department prepares students for successful careers in mathematical, scientific, educational, surveying, and technological fields while also providing students with a solid foundation for success at the graduate level.   The department also provides courses which satisfy the general studies program at Troy University along with graduate courses in mathematics for students completing Master's degrees in the College of Education.   

The devoted faculty in the Department of Mathematics provides students with individual attention and sound instruction that promotes investigation, discovery, use of technology, research, and tools for life-long learning.  The department supports the continued professional growth and scholarship of its faculty members, which, in turn, benefits the students, the academic community and the university.  Along with our professional organizations, clubs, weekly seminars, and a national honor society, the department promotes activities and opportunities to involve students in a community of learners as part of a rich collegiate experience.

Adhiraj Roka
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“I chose TROY because it is a great university for international students.  I chose mathematics because I have always had an interest in this field of study, and after coming to college, I have become very interested in statistics. I hope to be a statistician or actuary with my degree in the future.”

Adhiraj Roka  |  Current Mathematics Student at TROY