2021 TROY Math Summer Camp | Troy University

2021 TROY Math Summer Camp

Girls Get Math with Data

(Grade 10-12th girls)

TROY Math Summer Camp 2021 is an intensive one-week on campus program designed for mathematically motivated high school 10-12th girls. Our mission is to help young girls develop interest and confidence in math through hands-on projects, games, computer simulations and curriculum enrichment. Today we live in a data-driven world and much of this information is determined mathematically by statistical practice. As an exciting part of the program, we will demonstrate how math is applied to a real- world problem such as analyzing Covid-19 data. The program will also collaborate with Department of Athletics to show how math is involved in sports. In addition, to prepare students for college, our lecture sessions will review standard math tests, and explore various college math curricula such as Graph theory and Probability theory. 

Dates: June 21-25. 2021 
Eligibility: Students entering grades 10-12 in the fall are invited to apply for the camp.
Cost: The program is sponsored by AMS Epsilon grant and Troy University. There is no cost for the program.  
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Apply now 
 All applications must be received by June 18, 2021 for consideration. There will be only 20 students accepted. Admission is competitive, and a letter from math teacher is recommended but not required.

Students learning about basketball statistics

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