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Pre-Engineering Requirements

Pre-Engineering Program

Typical Courses for Entrance into all Engineering Programs

Chemistry I & II (8 hours)
Mathematics (15 hours- Calculus sequence & Differential Equations)
English (12 hours- English Comprehensive I & II & World Literature I & II)
Physics with Calculus I & II with lab (6 hours)
History I & II (6 hours)
Art or Music (3 hours)
General Psychology (3 hours)
Elective (3 hours)

*Since requirements for different schools and different areas of engineering, students should consult degree program requirements of the engineering school to which transfer is intended.


Engineering Schools in Alabama

Auburn University
(334) 844-4000
Tuskegee University
(334) 727-8001
University of Alabama
(205) 348-6010
Alabama A & M
(256) 858-4141
University of South Alabama
(334) 460-6101

Degree / Major

This is a two-year program designed to prepare students to transfer to a university with an engineering school.



If you are interested in pursuing an engineering program, contact


Dr. James Sanders
Troy University Department of Chemistry and Physics

Questions or comments? Contact the TROY Office of the Pre-Professional Studies.



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