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Introduction to Leadership Course

Introduction to Leadership - LDR1100


LDR1100 is open to all Troy University undergraduate students and introduces them to the basics of effective leadership. Most students have held leadership positions in high school and want to extend their leadership influence to campus, church, community, and student government activities.

The course focuses on characteristics of effective leaders, ethics, service, and both leadership and communication skills—with special emphasis on listening effectively.

Dr. Kline, who has held senior leadership positions and regularly teaches leadership, team building and communication skills to military and corporate audiences has guided in the use of an array of teaching methods in this course. Skilled and highly qualified instructors teach this course. Furthermore, Dr. Kline speaks several times to combined classes taught at the various time slots. Also, other experienced leaders including Chancellor Jack Hawkins are guest instructors in the course.

This course focuses on the practical aspects of leadership. Students learn how to practice servant leadership, engage in effective listening and interaction, as well as learn leadership traits and skills through carefully selected readings and lecture/discussion with experienced leaders. Much class time is spent on skits, exercises and games that reinforce leadership concepts and help students translate learning into actual leadership situations. Students leave this class with their own carefully stated philosophy of leadership to guide them in actual leadership situations at the university, in the community and in life after college.

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