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Global Leadership is a growing academic discipline in the United States as well as globally.  The Doctor of Philosophy (Ph.D.) in Global Leadership at Troy University is a terminal degree focusing on developing leadership skills and competencies for professionals in leadership positions in today’s complex work environments: private and public, domestic and international. Doctoral graduates will find employment in a variety of specialties, institutions, and organizations.  Increasingly, employers are looking for graduates who have leadership, organizational, managerial, and human relations competencies needed to operate complex organizations in the global marketplace.

Students will complete core coursework and choose a specialization in one area: Organizational Leadership or Higher Education.

TROY’s Ph.D. in Global Leadership is offered primarily online in the United States. The coursework in the Ph.D. program provides an interdisciplinary approach to the study of Global Leadership that is intended to build upon each student’s interests. Through areas of specialized coursework and doctoral seminars taught by graduate Global Leadership faculty members, the program offers flexibility for students to participate in a wide variety of opportunities and interests within the discipline of Global Leadership. Students will acquire a mastery of theory and practice as well as a background of knowledge in research, policy analysis, and human capital development—all of which are partnered with a deeper understanding of application, including developing systems to create and effectively lead organizational change, facilitation of global teams, effective communication, and improving organizational effectiveness. An international internship with an assigned mentor is a required element of the Global Leadership Ph.D. program and requires travel to a country outside of the United States. This must be completed before being eligible for graduation.

The following are frequently asked questions (FAQ’s) regarding the program. For more information, you are invited to go to the Troy University Graduate School website.


Ph.D. Program Coordinator, Dr. Pamela Lemoine at

For All U.S. Applicants

All applicants from the United States may start his or her application online at the TROY Graduate School admissions page. Scroll down the page to the “Ready to Apply” field and click on “Start Now” to create your myTroy profile and begin the application process. When submitting your application, select "Online" as your home location in order to select Ph.D. in Global Leadership. Additionally, there is a $50 nonrefundable admission fee required. Once the admission fee has been completed the applicant should mail or drop off (if in the area) all transcripts and entrance exam score to:

Troy University
RE: Transcripts
100 University Park
Troy, AL 36082

The applicant should also mail, email or drop off letters of reference, statement of intent, writing sample, and resume to:

Director of Graduate Admissions
111 Adams Administration, Troy University Troy, Alabama 36082
(334) 670-3178

For All International Applicants

All international applicants, who intend on taking classes on the Troy campus, should visit the Office of Admissions International Student website. Scroll down the page to the “Ready to Apply” field and click on “Start Now” to create your myTroy profile and begin the application process.

Once the admission fee has been completed the applicant:
On F1 or J1 visa, must fill the international application online.

A complete set of documents are required for this program such as (see below), letters of reference, statement of intent, writing sample, and resume/vitae as well as a current financial (not more than 6 months old) bank statement in the amount of $23,000 USD or an equivalent in nation currency. Also, if the financial documents are not in the applicant's name, a Sponsor Letter is required as well. All international applicants must send copies of all required documents such as TOEFL scores, letters of reference, statement of intent, writing sample, and resume, as well as a current financial report? to If any documents are missing, a representative from the International Affairs office will send an email to the applicant with the request to submit missing document(s).

TOEFL scores are required for all international students; this requirement is waived if the student has earned a bachelor’s or master’s degree from a regionally accredited U.S. institution. Students scoring 70 or higher on the Internet-based TOEFL Test, 193 or higher on the Computer-based Test, and a 523 or higher on the Paper-based TOEFL Test will be given full consideration for admission into the Doctoral Program.

The applicant must submit an application to the Troy University Graduate School. To be considered for admission to the Global Leadership Ph.D. Program, the applicant must:

  1. Have attained a master’s degree from a regionally credited institution of higher education.
  2. Have earned a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.0 (4.0 scale) on all graduate coursework.
  3. Submit official transcripts for all post-secondary academic study—one official transcript per institution.
  4. Provide three (3) letters of reference
    The letters of reference must address the applicant’s readiness to enroll in a doctoral program. It is recommended that such individuals be previous undergraduate or graduate professors, advisors, current/previous employers or others who can substantiate the applicant’s academic preparation for admittance to a doctoral program. Please upload letters of reference in a PDF format.
  5. Provide a statement of intent (maximum of 1,000 words). The statement of intent should include:
    1. Details of your rationale for pursuing a Ph.D. in Global Leadership.
    2. Details regarding your past career and research interests.
    3. Details about your projected dissertation focus area (Global Leadership Specializations: Organizational Leadership, Strategic Communication, Public Administration, Instructional Leadership and Administration**, Higher Education) and how participation in the Global Leadership Program will align with your projected dissertation focus area and future career interests.
    4. Details about an area of interest (program specialization) for your international internship. (Global Leadership Specializations: Organizational Leadership, Strategic Communication, Public Administration, Instructional Leadership and Administration**, Higher Education).
      **  Does not lead to Class A or Class AA Educational Leadership certification in Alabama.
    5. *Details about an area of the world where you would like to go in order to conduct your international internship in conjunction with your projected area of research.  If possible, specify the country where you would like to conduct your international internship as it relates to your area of research interest.
      Note: An international internship is a requirement of the Global Leadership Ph.D. program and requires travel to a country outside of the United States. This internship must be completed before being eligible for graduation. Travel must be outside of the country where you currently reside and outside of your nation of origin or where you hold citizenship. Students are responsible for all travel expenses. Scholarships may be available.
    6. Please upload letters of reference in a PDF format.
  6. Provide a writing sample (maximum of 1000 words).

    The goal of the writing sample is to measure the applicant’s ability to write clearly and succinctly in an academic fashion.  The writing sample will assist the Doctoral Admission Committee in evaluating the applicant’s research, writing, analytical, and problem-solving skills.  The writing sample may include a thesis completed by the student or significant research paper, preferably written at the graduate level, and solely by the applicant. 

    The writing sample topic is Leadership in the 21st Century. The writing sample should be double-spaced, 12-point, Times New Roman font with one (1) inch margins on all sides.  It is recommended that the writing sample follow the latest edition of the American Psychological Association (APA) style.  However, other writing styles, including but not limited to Chicago, Modern Language Association (MLA), AMA Manual or other accepted research writing styles will be considered. Please upload the writing sample in a PDF format.

    The Doctoral Admissions Committee will evaluate the writing sample based on the following criteria: 1) Writing Development and Critical Thinking – ability to articulate the primary concept and inform the reader of its focus; 2) Organization and Structure – development of the topic to include fluid transitions; 3) Paragraph Development – use of transitions and language within each paragraph; 4) Mechanics – appropriate spelling, grammar, and punctuation; and 5) Use of Writing Style – although all classes and dissertation will employ the APA format, the Committee will review the sample for appropriate use of other acceptable academic research writing style such as cited in the previous paragraph.

    NOTE: The writing sample could also include accepted or published research that the applicant has been sole or co-author of a research project. The applicant must submit a PDF of the paper or link to URL link as proof of publication.

  7. Provide a resume or curriculum vitae.

  8. Understand an interview may be requested.

Fall Admission (August): February 15th. 

Spring Admission (January): September 15th. 

 The tuition for this program is $550 per credit hour.

Applications to the Ph.D. program may be submitted twice per academic year, once in the fall and once in the spring. The applicant must submit an application to the Troy University Graduate School. After all required documentation has been submitted, the applicant’s entire application packet will be reviewed for admission into the Doctoral Program. No pre-requisites will be required for admission other than the applicant must have attained a Master’s degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education. In order to be given full consideration, all requested materials must be received by the deadlines listed below:

Application Deadlines:

Fall Admission (August):  Applications may be submitted from January 2 - February 15.  Acceptance notification received by April 15.

Spring Admission (January): September 15 application deadline. Acceptance notification received by November 15.

Students come from a variety of educational backgrounds. As a result, there are no standards that typify a successful doctoral student. While many applicants may possess an undergraduate or graduate degree in Global Leadership, it is not a necessity. What the applicant needs to show is an unmistakable research focus on Global Leadership that mirrors the research agenda of a doctoral directive faculty member.

A Ph.D. program is by nature a research-oriented degree; students will be expected to be actively engaged in research teams with faculty members and other doctoral students. As mentioned previously, the applicant must exhibit a research focus in Global Leadership. It is strongly recommended, although not required, that the applicant’s written sample show this focused area.

Transfer of Credit

The Ph.D. in Global Leadership at Troy University requires 63 credit hours.  No more than 18 credits of post-master’s coursework or degrees or educational specialist coursework or degree or juris doctorate (J.D.) degree from a regionally accredited institution of higher education will be eligible for recognition. 

Transfer Credit From Regionally Accredited Universities*

No credit may be transferred to a Troy University graduate program until a student is unconditionally admitted and has successfully completed a minimum of 12 semester hours with the University.  The maximum number of graduate credit hours transferred into a graduate program will not exceed 18 semester hours.  Please consult specific degree programs to determine allowable transfer credit hours.

  1. A grade of ''B'' or higher must have been earned in each course. Transfer credit will not be used to determine the Troy University grade point average. A copy of the course syllabus may be required.
  2. To be acceptable as transfer credit, all hours must have been earned within eight years of the date of degree completion of the graduate program at Troy University. Credit accepted as transfer credit, which becomes over eight years old before the graduate degree requirements are completed, will become invalid and will not be counted toward graduate degree requirements.
  3. Where Troy University is replacing another university under Department of Defense contracts, students will be permitted to transfer up to 18 semester hours of Troy University equivalent coursework. This rule applies for one calendar year from the start of the Troy University program and is only for students who have been in attendance at that site.

Documents Required for Evaluation of Transfer Credit:

  1. A completed Petition for Transfer of Graduate Credit form
  2. A copy of the official transcript showing the course(s) taken
  3. A course description taken from the college catalog where the course was taken
  4. Evidence that the course was taken for graduate credit or would have been accepted as graduate credit if not indicated on the transcript
  5. A copy of the course syllabus may be required—Officially accepted transferred graduate coursework will be posted on the official Troy University transcript.

*See the Troy Graduate Catalog General Regulations for further information.

No. All of the doctoral core, research, and statistic classes will be offered at the doctoral (8800) level. Duplication of classes the student took in their Master’s at Troy University will not be permitted.

According to a leading figure in Global Leadership, Troy University’s proposed Ph.D. in Global Leadership has the potential to fill a large, documented void in Global Leadership education by providing a heretofore unavailable reputable online and/or blended Ph.D. program that meets the needs of working professionals. In addition, executives and leaders who wish to advance their knowledge and understanding of Global Leadership would have their needs met through this Troy University Ph.D. program.

Service members may want to pursue a doctorate in Global Leadership. However, due to military obligations, current members, as well as veterans, are often challenged in finding a program that can satisfy their desire for an advanced education. The proposed doctoral program in Global Leadership offers a format that will allow current members of the armed forces to fulfill their military obligations while providing them with an advanced educational opportunity to prepare them for life after the military. Specifically, a doctorate in Global Leadership from Troy University will allow military personnel to combine their previous experiences in leadership, management, organization, and operations with a curriculum that is designed to further enhance understanding and knowledge, including advanced leadership theories, organizational behavior, marketing, management and ethical and legal issues in Global Leadership.

All of the classes, including all doctoral core, elective, research, and statistic classes will be offered online. The students must work with their advisor in scheduling all classes.

All of the online classes will be offered through TROY Online. Classes will be offered in terms of nine (9) weeks. Presently, Troy University offers five, 9-week terms. The student may take more than the maximum with administrative approval.

No. At the present time, no teaching assistantships are available.

Students, in collaboration with their advisor, will be expected to assist in submitting proposals for presentations at national and international conferences. Moreover, it will be expected that students will work with their advisor to assist in writing and submitting for publications prior to embarking on the dissertation process. Exposure to writing and submitting research projects prepares doctoral students to understand and perform basic and applied research in their specialty area. The student may assist their advisor in writing grant proposals to fund potential research and also write their own grant proposal to fund their own research.

Consistent with other terminal degree programs at TROY, the Global Leadership doctoral student will have a maximum time of eight (8) years for degree completion, inclusive of completing dissertation requirements. However, it is important to note that a full-time student (i.e., taking six credits per term) may be able to complete coursework in two (2) years. Additionally, dissertation may require one to two (1-2) years to fully complete.
As a result, students can finish the program in as little as three (3) years. To do so, the students must communicate with their advisor on a regular basis.

The Ph.D. Global Leadership program at Troy University not only provides the flexibility of taking classes online but also allows the student flexibility to determine their specific area of specialization: Organizational Leadership or Higher Education.

To do so, the students will be required to work closely and receive approval from their major advisor for the classes. Generally, the cognate specialization area will reflect the classes taken outside of the doctoral core and the topic of the dissertation.

The student must maintain a cumulative minimum of a 3.0 on a 4.0 scale.

An advisor will be assigned to you upon admittance to the program, and any questions in regard to registration or coursework should be answered by your faculty advisor. He or she will guide you in your coursework only. It is your responsibility to select a Dissertation Chair within 18 credit hours of starting the program. In other words, your current advisor will not necessarily be your Dissertation Chair, who will chair your comprehensive exam and dissertation. Therefore, it is strongly recommended that you work closely with the doctoral faculty members during the first year of the program and choose a Dissertation Chair with his/her agreement.

Dissertation credit hours may exceed, but may not be less than, the minimum of 12 credit hours. The number of hours the student takes per term should be in agreement with the major faculty advisor. Students must be continuously enrolled for a minimum of one (1) credit hour in Dissertation per term—after being admitted to candidacy, during and including the term in which they successfully defend their dissertation.

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