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this has a clean, fresh kind of feeling to it, and like the mosaic idea of the image. it might be interesting to make that image relate more strongly to the mosaics that are on the floor of the Heraclea, which are featured on the currency, but with this saturated, bright treatment... the text on top is difficult to read, and the buttons could be more scattered, while still very visible. might be interesting to incorporate them more into the image, but as flash elements with roll-over states that would allow user to understand what information they linked to without being this literal as buttons .


like the phoshop collage idea, but think it should have stronger prominence on the page. the text is weak, and poorly placed. maybe larger and overlapping the image, and closer to the upper left of the page? a bold color for the title, as opposed to the black? the whiplash elements could be interesting, but larger in scale and with less contrast than the text. larger image, taking up 75% or more of screen, text much stronger and juxtaposed on top of the image, buttons crowded down toward the lower right? hmmm


pretty fun. like the snap shot idea, and the street sign, and the texture overall but the placement of the elements and the crop of the images is kind of unsettling. everything is vertically centered within its space, which is out of sync with the 'casualness' of the design. street sign nearer the left and top? larger image view? vertical buttons? the flyer on the post is actually a notice of someone who had recently died (they post obituaries like this - interesting to us, but might be kind of offensive or unsavory to the macedonians...)


the script font is pretty attractive, but is overused. contrasting with a sans serif for the more functional parts, and using script HUGE and more integrated into the image as a design element could be more interesting. the link structure is so prominent , and the strong grid really breaks apart the page. i know we're currently working with dummy text, but the 'macedonian cultural website' is too crowded up in its box. prefer not to see the glow around the links. overall there is kind of an 'old' feel to this site design, as opposed to fresh. i know we're dealing with a place with a huge sense of history, but i'd rather that the images conveyed that, as opposed to the structure of the site.

see E and F as being related:

a little concerned about the placement of the navigation in that people might need to scroll down to see it, but appreciate that it is different. pretty clean, and i would think it would be flexible for different types of content.

on gallery page would you need the 'page 123' section in addition to the scroll bar on the left of the page? scroll bar and larger image looks good, but if they were closer together on the left the area on the right could be used for text related to the image

design G:
don't understand from this still exactly how it would work. the treatment of the text has some promise, and i think the strong images would be useful and appropriate given the content of the site, but more text for links could make things clearer. with all the buttons up around the title of the site including text related to the buttons could be confusing.... would the buttons just pop up another large image in the space on the right? or would they link you internally into the site? if it is popping up another big image then it is fine as-is, but text links on the horizontal division might be better.

basic placement of elements works, although i think things would balance more if the links were placed in closer proximity to the left border as opposed to being evenly distributed across the whole width. sans serif font ok, but brush stroke font ill at ease and unattractive. black/blue color scheme seems cold/harsh. going with a bold red/gold like the Macedonian flag might be more appropriate.