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ESL Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question you may very well find the answer here.

English as a Second Language and My Language Ability

English as a Second Language features communicative style classes where students are encouraged to communicate in English. Because students live in an English speaking university setting, they are able to constantly practice what they have learned. The focus of our program is English for Academic purposes.

The teachers are well trained, experienced professionals who provide expert instruction and individual attention.

ESL has a modern multimedia lab and a language resource room where students can learn what they want when they want. It also provides conversation opportunities where American and the ESL students interact to develop speaking, listening and communication skills.

This answer is different for each person based on their placement test score. If you are placed in level 4, then you will have one year (Levels 4, 5, 6,& 6 PLUS) to finish. However, if you qualify for the Pathways program, you can start your academic studies immediately. Students will take the placement test after their International Orientation.
 The English proficiency test is given at the beginning and end of every semester. New students should arrive at Troy University two days before official registration in order to take the test.
Troy University requires non-native English-speaking students to score at least an IELTS 5.5 for undergraduate (Bachelors) or 6.0 for graduate (Master), TOEFL iBT 61 for undergraduate (Bachelor) or 70 graduate (Master), and Duolingo 85 for undergraduate (Bachelors) or 100 graduate (Masters). 

Life as a Student at Troy University 

Troy University offers a wide range of housing opportunities both on and off campus. The International Center, a newly renovated on-campus facility, provides suite-style apartments with complete kitchen facilities. Those students who wish to live with a US American student or an international student from another country will be given first priority.

Off campus housing is available. Students can choose from a wide range of single, double and even larger apartment. The prices range from about $300 - $700 a month. Most apartments are within easy walking distance from campus. Some apartments require you to pay 4 months of rent when you sign the lease.

This is strongly discouraged. The purpose of this Center is to allow students to improve their English while learning about U.S. culture.

Students at Troy University can use any of the recreational or study facilities.

Yes. The United States government permits international students to work up to 20 hours a week during the semester. Many international students do find jobs, normally in such areas as food service, plant and building maintenance, computer assistance and assisting the faculty in certain areas. Normally these jobs pay $5.15 per hour. However, there are more international students seeking jobs on campus than there are actually jobs, so you cannot count on being able to get a job when you arrive.


We can give you the I-20 form, which you take to the U.S. Embassy or consulate nearest to you to apply for a visa. You can learn more about student visas at An additional resource regarding the visa process, please visit

All international students must apply through our online portal. There is an application fee of $50 (non-refundable).

International Student Scholarships are available on a limited basis for exceptional students. Scholarships will only cover a portion of tuition. Any student interested in applying for one of these scholarships should request an International Student Application Form from the Center for International Programs.

Troy University operates on a rolling deadline rather than a fixed deadline. We try to rapidly process all applications. Still, documents should be submitted as early as possible to avoid any last minute rush or frustration.

Campus Location

The Center for International Programs will provide free airport transportation for new students. If you wish to take advantage of this service please contact the International Student Advisor at

Troy, Alabama is located less than one hour's drive south of Montgomery at the junction of U.S. Highway 231. Troy is within a three-hour drive from Atlanta, Georgia. Many of our students like to point out that Troy University is about a 2-hour drive from Panama City Beach, Florida.

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