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International Testimonials

Jessica From Holland (BS, Communication)

"Troy University has a lot to offer in its courses; there are plenty of choices. Since I am interested in the music business, I did an internship for the Music Industry Program where I was the producer of a concert that took place on the campus and I gained a lot of experience from this!"

Peter From Kenya (MS, Public Administration)

"Troy University has not just provided me with an exceptional learning experience; it has become my home away home."

Sheetal from India (MS, International Relations)

"Troy University has given me the opportunity to meet the world, through its multicultural mix of staff and students."

Ke from China (MBA, Management in Information System)

"Troy University is located in Troy, Alabama, is a beautiful small town where the modern industrial civilization has not impacted. The school spirit is warmhearted, full of culture and history, and I am so proud that I could be the one of the Trojans. The professors at Troy University are so personal. In the class, they teach us devotedly. Out of the class, they always answer our problems gladly and carefully. They are like a bright lamp, enlightening our life journey."

Sabina from Nepal (MBA, Management in Information System)

"I came here in August 2005, with dreams in my eyes and courage in my heart. In a new environment and among new people, I was wondering if I would be able to adapt this culture and society, but after a few months it turned out to be like a second home for me. Not only was I able to utilize my knowledge successfully, but I also learned things that will provide me with greater opportunities in the future."

Alina from Turkmenistan (BS, Accounting)

"Troy University is full of people with great smiles and open hearts. I never felt lonely or homesick. Being active on campus and having friends from all over the world makes me a well rounded individual. I felt fortunate to be a part of Troy University. Go Trojans!!"

Meryem from Morocco (MS, Public Administration)

"My experience at Troy University has been very fruitful. I have not only enjoyed the quiet and amiable atmosphere, but also learned a great deal from the very competent professors."

 Brendan from Trinidad & Tobago (MS, International Relations)

"Troy University's environment is very conducive for academic studies. In addition, the International Student Services are quite exceptional compared to two other universities I attended. The classes are small which allows direct intellectual interaction between the student and instructor."

Yoshiko from Japan (BS, International Business)

"Troy's beautiful campus with its brick buildings surrounded by vivid green nature is exactly what I dreamed a U.S. college should be like! I'm so glad the campus continues to grow…I'm sure my new routine will include spending time in the new book store with Starbucks coffee!!"

Mohammed from Saudi Arabia (BS, Accounting)

"It's a pleasure to work in the International Office and help students and the staff in International Programs."

Shawanda from USA (BS/BA, Risk Management and Insurance)

"Working in the International Office is a great pleasure for me and the hands-on-work experience with international students is outstanding."

Jun Ho Sung

"My experience with the ESL program was outstanding, and I can really say I had the time of my life. I have never been overseas before, so was very nervous. Thanks to teachers and classmates, however, I was given all the help I needed. The teachers truly care about their students and provide them with the ability to succeed. I am amazed at how much I've learned and grown since my first classes. My student life in the ESL program has been a blessing in every respect. I would definitely recommend it to anyone."

Xiaopeng Chen

"The ESL course was the first step of my "Trojan Experience." It opened a door to American society. The classes were neither too big nor too small, and I had a lot of time to communicate with American students and prepare for the academic classes I would take later. On the other hand, the ESL class is something beyond the classroom. It is a melting pot of different cultures. My best friends are still those I met in the ESL classes and I really enjoy talking with them. The ESL course is a microcosm of intelligent people representing many countries. I hope others can come join us."

Wang Chuan China (Athletic Training Major)

"I really enjoyed the ESL classes. In my opinion the ESL program is helpful for students to improve their English ability and not only pass the TOEFL test. Secondly, the teachers are warm-hearted. They create many chances to help us improve English through Breakfast Club and the Circle of Friends families. Anyway, last semester I learned a lot. I can't forget it at all."

Edem Akouete Togo (Computer Science Major)

"I learned a lot from the ESL classes. They helped me improve my English. It enabled me to read quickly and write correct English. The speaking and listening classes helped me learn to understand native speakers and learn idiomatic expressions. By the end of the semester, I was confident in English and was able to express myself clearly."

Nodira Ismuhamedova Uzbekistan (Undecided Major)

"The ESL classes were great for me to improve my English language skills and to prepare me for academic work. They helped me adapt better to new environment. I made friends with students from all over the world and learned a lot about other cultures and countries."

Yosuke Suto Japan (English Major)

"I came to Troy to study English because I want to be an English teacher in Japan. The ESL program offers preparation for academic classes. The teachers give wonderful lectures, clarify our doubts and explain them clearly. I was in the ESL program for two semesters before I enrolled into the regular courses. I was able to catch up in the academic classes, as I could understand what the professor was teaching and take down useful notes in English. I feel that if one wants to improve their listening, speaking and reading skills, he/she should attend the ESL program."

Akari Katada Japan (Political Science Major)

"The ESL program helped me improve my English skills in reading, writing, listening, speaking and grammar. It was also interesting as I could study the problems of American society. But, the most important thing was, that I learned how to research sources and write papers, made many friends from different countries and learned about their cultures and opinions."


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