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Montgomery Alabama Streets

Historical Streets of Montgomery, Alabama as displayed through the Traveling Exhibits

Postcards showcased on the Traveling Exhibits

Montgomery - Lee Street

Montgomery is the seat of Montgomery County and the capital of Alabama. The county was formed in 1816. The first settlements were Alabama Town and New Philadelphia. The two towns merged in 1819 and became the city of Montgomery. This is a postcard of Lee Street, originally Washington Street, in the early 1900s. The street name was changed after the Civil War.

Color print of Lee Street in downtown Montgomery, Alabama showing commercial buildings and the Union Depot at the end of the street. Postmarked November 28, 1917. Postcard Back - Lee Street, Montgomery


Dear Bro. - Here is a card but not a Thanksgiving card but it will show you a little of the town. How is hunting now are you good at caring the game. I'll bet you are well I won't get to hunt any this year. Love from Oiris Addressed to: Mr. Lawrence Fryburger Cozaddale, Ohio

Montgomery - Court Street

A legacy of the towns' merger can be seen today in the alignment of downtown streets: streets to the west of Court Street are aligned parallel and perpendicular to the Alabama River, while streets to the east are aligned in a north-south and east-west grid. This is a postcard of Court Street in the 1890s.

Color print of the residential section of Court Street in Montgomery, Alabama with streetcar rails. Postmarked March 10, 1913.

Postcard Back - Court Street, Montgomery


March greetings from Montgomery: Hope you are having a pleasant winter. Sincerely, Larues Pray Addressed to: Mrs. Charles Jeffroy, Bristol, New Hampshire

Montgomery - Commerce Street

Lee Street, Commerce Street, and Montgomery Street were originally located in Alabama Town. Commerce Street was once the heart of Montgomery's business life. This is a postcard of Commerce Street in the early 1900s.

Color print of multi-story commercial buildings on Commerce Street in Montgomery, Alabama at night.

Postcard Back - Commerce Street, Montgomery


Montgomery - Montgomery Street

In 1886, Montgomery became the first city in the United States to convert the entire horse-drawn streetcar system to electricity. The car line, fondly known as the "Lightning Route" operated for exactly 50 years, when it was retired in a big ceremony and replaced by buses. This is a postcard of Montgomery Street in the late 1890s.

Color print of Montgomery Street in Montgomery, Alabama showing multi-story buildings and streetcar rails. Postmarked September 21, 1917.

Postcard Back - Montgomery Street, Montgomery


You won't know me when I get back Ed. Write Addressed to: Miss Mannie [illegible] 812 Monroe St Newport, Ky


Montgomery - Dexter Avenue

Court Street, Court Square, and Dexter Avenue were originally located in New Philadelphia. When Andrew Dexter, Jr., founded New Philadelphia, he envisioned a prominent future for his town. He reserved a portion of his property known as “Goat Hill,” for the location of the state capitol building. His dream became a reality when Montgomery became the state capital in 1846. Dexter Avenue, originally Market Street, was renamed in honor of Mr. Dexter.

Color print of Dexter Avenue in Montgomery, Alabama showing the Court Square Fountain, multi-story commercial buildings, streetcars and rails, and the Alabama Capitol. Postmarked July 18, 1922.

Postcard Back - Dexter Avenue, Montgomery


Well, this is Montgomery, Alabama, but I keep thinking its Burlington, Vermont instead, for there is a great similarity! This is going to be the pleasantest part of my trip - Traveling from place to place & seeing new things each day. Will try to write you letter from Birmingham tonight. This morning I visited the base. [illegible] old state House, the birthplace of the Confederacy, and sat out on the balcony overlooking the city where Jefferson Davis was inaugurated president in 1861. Spent the night at the Gay Teague Hotel here - no more foreign countries for me - I prefer travel in the U.S.!! Very wide streets in the city so you see! Sincerely Raymond 7/18/22 Addressed to: Dr. & Mrs. J. C. Gable 46 S. Beaves Street, York, Pennsylvania.


Montgomery - Court Square

Court Square Fountain was built in 1885 on top of an artesian well, which Native Americans used long before the area was settled. The fountain features statues based on Greek mythology. This postcard is from the 1890s and shows both the fountain and the electric streetcar system. The prominent building is the Moses Building, built in 1888, it was Montgomery’s first skyscraper.

Black and white print showing Court Square Fountain and the multi-story Moses Building in Montgomery, Alabama. Postmarked February 07, 1906.

Postcard Back - Court Street, Montgomery


Addressed to: Miss Anna Cleveland. c/o DeLaval Separator Co. Chicago, Ills. Randolph & Canal


Montgomery - Cloverdale

One of the trolley routes ended at the Cloverdale neighborhood which made Montgomery one of the first cities to “depopulate” its city center through transportation-facilitated suburban development. Much of Cloverdale was built in the late nineteenth and early twentieth centuries. This postcard shows why this neighborhood is considered one of Montgomery's “genteel” areas. The Scott and Zelda Fitzgerald Museum is located in Cloverdale.

Color print of the Cloverdale residential area of Montgomery, Alabama.

Postcard Back - Cloverdale Street, Montgomery


Montgomery - South Perry Street

Perry Street is one of the main streets in Montgomery’s Garden District. In the 1850’s Perry Street was referred to as the “Fifth Avenue of Montgomery,” a reference to that luxurious Manhattan street. The Governor’s Mansion is on South Perry Street. This postcard shows an example of residential houses on South Perry Street.

Color print of residential South Perry Street, Montgomery, Alabama. Postmarked October 27, 1911.

Postcard Back - Perry Street, Montgomery


Montgomery, Ala Oct 26/19 This is a pleasant [illegible] -you think, like here quite-well. People dont work as they do in B- like more time to enjoy life. and ____ there's [illegible] Mrs. [illegible]. Addressed to: Mr. Arthur White Cor Park Ave and Shellhorn Road, Burlington, V.



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