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Historical Streets of North Alabama as displayed through the Traveling Exhibits

Postcards showcased on the Traveling Exhibits

Albany (Decatur) - Grant Street

Albany, also known as New Decatur, existed from 1887 to 1927. Located southwest of Old Decatur it was a manufacturing and transportation center following the Civil War. Albany and Decatur consolidated in 1927 because of the common need of a bridge over the Tennessee River. Today, it is a historic neighborhood in Decatur.

Color print of residential Grant Street in Albany, Alabama with streetcar rails running down the center. Postmarked September 7, 1946.

Postcard Back - Albany (Decatur)


9/9/46 Thanks for nice card. Those long winter evenings will be swell for arranging your collection & writing to Pals. Best wishes, R. S. Carter P.O. Box 333 Rosslyn Station Arlington, Virginia. Addressed to : Ann Benes, Mechanies falls Rd. R. T. D#4, Auburn, Maine.


Athens - East Side of Square

Athens is the county seat of Limestone County. The city was incorporated in 1818, a year before Alabama became a state. In 1822, the town founders obtained a charter for the Athens Female Academy which evolved into Athens State University, the longest-operating institution of higher education in Alabama. This is a picture of businesses on the east side of the courthouse square in the early 1900s.

Black and white print of the town square and one and two-story commercial buildings in Athens, Alabama.

Postcard Back - Athens: East Side of Square


Dear Friend I havent forgot you but just a little neglectful having a good time but will be home soon have found you a man ha ha Dera Addressed to: Mrs. Lydia McVay, 536 Eastern Ave Bellefontaine Ohio


Cullman - Cullman Street Scene

Cullman is the seat of Cullman County. It was founded by Col. Johann Gottfried Cullman who wanted to develop a colony specifically for immigrants. Cullman was incorporated in 1874 and is the site of St. Bernard (Benedictine) Abbey. This is a picture of a hotel/store in the early 1900s.

Color print of a three-story building and other commercial buildings in Cullman, Alabama. Postmarked May, 25, 1909.

Postcard Back - Cullman: Cullman Street Scene


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Decatur - Second Avenue

Decatur is located in Morgan and Limestone counties along the Tennessee River. During the Civil War, most of the city was destroyed but the citizens immediately began rebuilding. In the late 1880s, Decatur began to expand once again. This is a typical picture of a downtown business district in the 1950s.

A color print of one, two, and three-story commercial buildings on Second Street in Decatur, Alabama.

Postcard Back - Decatur: 2nd Avenue


Hamilton - Military Street

Hamilton, the county seat of Marion County, was incorporated in 1896. It was first known as Toll Gate, named for a toll-gate on the old Military Road. The Military Road was built by volunteer soldiers returning home to Tennessee after the victory over the British at New Orleans. In 1883, the name of the community was changed to Hamilton to honor Captain A.J. Hamilton who donated 40 acres of his land to the community.

Black and white print of unpaved Military Street in Hamilton, Alabama.

Postcard Back - Hamilton: Military Street


Hartselle - West Main Street

Hartselle is located in Morgan County. It was established in 1870 with the arrival of the South and North Alabama Railroad. The business district was laid out alongside the railroad. In August 1916, Hartselle suffered a disastrous fire that destroyed all 21 buildings of the business district. This postcard is a color print of the reconstructed business district from the early 1920s.

Color print of one and two-story commercial buildings on Main Street in Hartselle, Alabama.

Postcard Back - Hartselle: Main Street


Huntsville - Court Square

Huntsville is the county seat of Madison County. It was settled by John Hunt in 1805. It was known as Hunt’s Spring and Twickenham, but was named Huntsville in 1811 when it became the first incorporated town in Alabama. Its quick growth mainly came from the cotton and railroad industries. After the Civil War, Huntsville became a center for cotton textile mills. This was a typical scene around the courthouse in the early 1900s.

Black and white print showing multiple wagons loaded with cotton in the court square in Huntsville, Alabama. Postmarked November 03, 1906.

Postcard Back - Huntsville: Court Square


Court House Huntsville Ala Nov 26 something on the cotton line regards to all the folks, Melvin Addressed to: Rev. Frank P. Britt, Corsica, Pa.


Red Bay - Main Street

Red Bay in Franklin County was founded in 1887 but not incorporated until 1907. It was named for the red clay and the bay trees. This is a picture of the Red Bay business district in the early 1950s when the population was about 1800 inhabitants.

Black and white photograph of Red Bay, Alabama's Main Street showing commercial buildings with an old Ford pickup in the foreground.

Postcard Back - Red Bay: Main Street



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