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Colonel Thomas C.
Scofield (1963)
Retired, military career as
a DUSTOFF (Dedicated
Unhesitating Service To Our
Fighting Forces) pilot, a
commander at every level of
the AMEDD, and his contri-
butions in key and important
staff assignments, eminently
qualifed him for entrance into
the DUSTOFF Hall of Fame.
During his two tours in
Vietnam, he was recognized as
one of DUSTOFF’s bravest
and most heroic pilots. His
remarkable achievements,
professional competencies
and direct, positive leadership
are in keeping with the highest
traditions of the DUSTOFF
Association and the Army.
DUSTOFF is the term given
to medical evacuation pilots
serving in combat zones
around the world.
Joe Pickett (1966,
1969, 1971)
married Shirley
(Wright) Blackenburg May 7,
2011. Joe and Shirley dated
while attending Troy State
College (TSC). Joe was a
Founding Father of Delta Chi
Social Fraternity, lettered in
cross-country and track under
Coach Costes and served as
Vice-President of Circle K
while at TSC.
Shirley was a member of the
Collegiate Singers at TSC and
later earned a baccalaureate
from the University of
Montevallo and a Master’s in
Library Science. She is retired
from the Selma City School
System following a career as
an elementary school librarian.
Joe taught at the elementary/
secondary level in Alabama
and later at Union College
in Barbourville, Kentucky as
a National Teaching Fellow
in sociology and then at
Mohave Community College
in Kingman, Arizona as a
Coordinator of Social and
Behavioral Sciences. He is
a retired veteran of the U.S.
Naval Reserve (enlisted)
and the U.S. Coast Guard
Reserve as an Offcer in
Communications, Training
and Administration.
Joe entered Federal Service
as a Presidential Management
Intern in Procurement at
Marshall Space Flight Center/
NASA and now works in
training at the U.S. Army
Corps of Engineers Learn-
ing Center in Huntsville,
Former Kappa Delta sororit y members (Left to right) Barbara Harrington, Bridget Weatherford, Jeanine Birmingham, Tara Hol ley and Tensley Batson gathered during the Montgomery
Metro Alumni Chapter’s kickoff event in July at the Arrowhead Country Club in Montgomery. Tara and Tensley are the daughters of current Chapter President David Batson.