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In retirement, Jim Harvey is
calling on the passion that drove
his success in two business-related
careers along with a collection of
childhood memories to launch a
new career path – published author.
The 1967 business graduate has
published the novel “Grayton
Beach Affair,” set in the Florida
Panhandle against the backdrop of
World War II. The novel, Harvey
says, combines war action, danger,
intrigue and romance.
Harvey was born in a small
farming town in South Alabama
just a few miles from Monroeville.
He spent part of his childhood
years vacationing in the Florida
Panhandle, where he became
fascinated with stories of how
German U-boats roamed the Gulf
of Mexico during the war.
“My grandmother owned a home
in Fort Walton Beach on the
Intracoastal Waterway during World
War II, and my older brother lived
there in the summers as a small
child,” Harvey said. “He told me
about hearing explosions offshore,
where German submarines were
sinking Allied ships, and I always
thought it was an interesting part
of history.”
Harvey, who is currently working
on a second novel, began writing
full time on “Grayton Beach
Affair” in 2009, representing
a departure from his previous
business-related careers.
Following graduation, Harvey
began a successful career with
IBM while working toward his law
degree. He was awarded a Juris
Doctorate in 1984 from Woodrow
Wilson College of Law in Atlanta.
“TROY helped me determine
that business was the best option
for my skills,” he said. “It opened
doors in the business world, and as
a result of my degree, I was offered
a wonderful opportunity with IBM
and later law school.”
Realizing that most new lawyers
hardly make a living, Harvey
used his degree to advance in
the business world. After early
retirement from IBM, he began a
second career in commercial real
estate brokerage and development
in Atlanta, advancing to vice
president of one of Atlanta’s
largest office park developers.
While writing provides some
different challenges than his
previous careers, Harvey attacks it
with the same sort of passion that
led to his success in the business
“Writing a well-written novel
requires a tremendous amount of
research, writing, rewriting, editing
and rewriting again,” Harvey said.
“It demands a commitment and
passion for the subject matter and
characters. I had that passion for
‘Grayton Beach Affair,’ and am
now developing it for my next
Harvey and his wife, Marie, now
live in north Georgia. When he
is not writing, Harvey enjoys fly
fishing for trout in the streams
of north Georgia and the Rocky
Mountains. The couple also lives
part of the year in the Florida
Panhandle where he fishes the
Gulf waters.
Smith, a senior print journalism and
public relations major from Selma, is a
university relations intern.