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TROY Magazine
Sim Byrd (1971)
, control
states president for Republic
National Distributing Co.
(RNDC), recently announced
his retirement effective Jan.
1. After retirement, Byrd
will remain with RNDC
in a formal knowledge
transfer program to ensure
successful continuity of
business practices and market
Billy McLeod (1975, 1978)
was appointed as the chief
learning officer, Defense
Contract Audit Institute in
Atlanta. McLeod graduated
from TROY with a bachelor’s
degree in criminal justice and
a master’s degree in post-
secondary education.
Donny Bynum (1983,
has been selected as the
2014 Alabama Superintendent
of the Year. He has served
as the superintendent for the
Dale County School System
since November 2009. Bynum
earned an associate of arts
in school administration,
bachelor’s in education,
and master’s in school
administration from TROY.
Moses Ector (1983)
, police
chief in Hogansville, Ga.,
was recently honored by
Atlanta State College when
the school renamed its Law
Enforcement Leadership
Academy to the Moses Ector
Law Enforcement Leadership
Academy. Ector earned his
master’s degree in criminal
justice from TROY.
Ross Phillips (1984)
been named interim general
manager of the Lower
Colorado River Authority
(LCRA). LCRA plays a
variety of roles in Central
Texas, delivering electricity,
managing the water supply
and environment of the
lower Colorado River basin,
providing public recreation
areas and supporting
community and economic
development. Phillips, who
holds a bachelor’s degree in
mathematics and computer
science from TROY,
joined LCRA in 1990 as a
computer programmer. He
was promoted to operations
manager over LCRA’s
electrical transmission
services business in 1995
and promoted to executive
manager of Transmission
Services in 2000. Under
Phillips’ management, LCRA
Transmission Services Corp.
grew to be the second largest
transmission system in Texas.
He and his wife, Susan, have
three children – Michael,
Andrew and Laura.
Marty Handlon (1987,
is mayor of Alabaster.
Handlon and her husband,
Steve, have three children.
She has more than 20 years
of experience in accounting
and financial management and
earned both her bachelor’s
and master’s degrees from
Claude V. Fuller (1989)
was recently appointed
deputy secretary for
engineering for the South
Carolina Department of
Transportation (SCDOT).
He came to SCDOT with a
strong leadership background,
having commanded units
numerous times and managing
both military and civilian
personnel. Fuller obtained
a master’s degree in public
administration from TROY.
Mark Mikols (1989)
been promoted to general
manager and director of
business development for
the newly acquired company
Prime Time Medical.
Tracey Pruitt (1990, 1995)
was named the 2013-2014
Alternate Alabama Teacher
of the Year. She has taught
in Dothan for the past 23
years. Pruitt earned both
her bachelor’s and master’s
degrees from TROY.
Reginald Eggleston (1991)
a Major in the Army Reserves,
has been selected to serve
as the branch chief for the
Directorate of Resource
Integration. Eggleston
earned a bachelor’s degree
in broadcast journalism at
Bonnie Buol Ruszczyk
, president of BBR
Marketing in Atlanta, has been
named one of Accounting
Today’s 2013 “Top 100 Most
Influential People for the
second year in a row.” The
list identifies and shines a
spotlight on the individuals
who make the greatest impact
on the accounting industry.
She was included on last year’s
“Top 100 list” in addition to
being named “One to Watch”
in Accounting Today’s 2011
roundup of industry leaders.
Dorothy A. Hogg (1992)
has been promoted to deputy
commander at Air Force
Material Command, Wright
Patterson AFB, Ohio. Hogg
earned her Master of Public
Administration from TROY.
Terri Barnes (1995)
recently named project
director for Georgia’s
Evidence-Based Associates,
a national firm that works
with state and local agencies
to identify and implement
evidence-based programs for
at-risk youth. Barnes received
a bachelor’s degree in social
work from TROY.
Lorraine Milton (1996)
published a book that
empowers Americans to
appropriately prepare for
disaster, “Disaster Master
Plan: Prepare or Despair
¬- It’s Your Choice.” Milton
received her master’s degree
in psychology and counseling
from TROY.
Carmen Turner (1996)
stepped down as chairwoman
and a founding member
of the Bahama Village
Redevelopment Advisory
Committee in Key West, Fla.
Turner earned her master’s in
business from TROY.
Jim Barber (1997)
recently named chief of
police for the city of Mobile.
A graduate of the FBI
National Academy, Barber has
been a member of the Mobile
Police force for 25 years.
John Petkosek (1998)
now the commander for the
Asymmetric Warfare Group.
Petkosek earned a master’s
degree in international
relations from TROY.
Tenise Owens (1999)
has been named president
of the Alabama Bankers
Association’s Trust Division.
Dr. Cheryl Lentz
is the multi-award
winning publisher of the
internationally acclaimed
series, The Refractive Thinker
– a collaboration of more
than 80 contributing doctoral
scholars from around the
world. As president of The
Lentz Leadership Institute,
she is dedicated to publishing
exceptional dissertation
research. Lentz is a 19-time
published author, having
won more than 11 awards as
both author and publisher,
and recently hit the list of
international best-selling
authors. She is globally known
for her writing as an authority
on leadership, critical and
refractive thinking, as well
as an educator integrating
emerging technology as part
of her teachings.
Spencer Stewart (2003
has been named as Bainbridge
State College’s registrar.
Stewart earned a bachelor’s in
accounting from TROY.