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The write way: Alumna Rhonda Jones hopes her books entertain, educate
By Tiffany Roy

When life presented Troy University alumna Rhonda Jones with difficult times, she met those challenges by picking up a pen and a pad.

An Abbeville native, Jones received her bachelor’s degree in broadcast journalism in 2003 and later earned a master’s degree in human resource management from TROY’s Montgomery Campus in 2006.

After graduating, Jones began writing her first story as she encountered a challenging period in her life.

“I had to think of something to take my mind off of my bleak circumstances,” said Jones. “So I began writing stories to give myself work to do when I am away from my day job.  At this point, writing is just a hobby for me.  It is work that I do for fun.”

What was once a hobby has now branched off into career. Jones has written three books – Bliss, Royal Dissent and Clandestin. The Montgomery resident serves as an administrative assistant at Glovis America, a Hyundai automobile manufacturing supplier, but is excited about pursuing her writing career in her free time.

Jones says she strives to write books that teach a lesson. 

“After writing Bliss, Royal Dissent and Clandestine, I realized that there is no such thing as a perfect book,” Jones said. “Some people will not like my stories and others may find my stories to be interesting or intriguing.  But, I want my stories to be appealing.  Most importantly, I want each of my stories to have substance, moral meanings and purpose. My purpose in writing is not just to entertain but to teach young girls and women to respect themselves.”

Jones credits Troy University for teaching her discipline and the significance of setting goals, something that she values still today.

“Coming from Abbeville, when I first began my college career at TROY, I did not know much about people and life,” said Jones. “As a student at Troy University, I learned discipline and the importance of setting goals. I learned how to manage my time to work in order to attain the goals that I set and to meet deadlines. I learned what it truly means to be dedicated and committed to overcoming hardships and setbacks to reach the ultimate goal of graduating. Three professors of the Hall School of Journalism – Mr. Kyle Bozeman, Dr. Jeff Spurlock and Dr. Steven Padgett –  encouraged me as a student to achieve success at TROY and beyond into my professional career.”

Roy, a senior print journalism and public relations major from Prattville, is a student worker in the office of university relations.

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