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No. 80
Former TROY art professor Edwin Walker, a member
of the faculty in the 1980s, was a collector of vintage autos. His
collection included a 1938 Studebaker President, a 1941 Hudson Super
Six, a 1955 DeSoto and a 1949 Packard.
No. 81
The International Student Cultural
Organization (ISCO) festival debuted in 1982. The
ISCO festival has been an annual event ever since.
No. 82
In 1982, TROY student Yolanda Fernandez was third runner up in the Miss America Pageant.
No. 83
Award-winning actress
Polly Holliday, perhaps best known as the
waitress “Flo” on the 70’s sitcom “Alice,”
spent two weeks at TROY in 1999 as a
visiting professor of theater.
No. 84
Troy University initiated its
annual Irish Week Celebra-
tion in 2001, including
what would become known
as Alabama’s Offcial St.
Patrick’s Parade.
No. 85
The First Leadership Conference Celebrating Black History Month was held in 2002.
The University has had a successful tradition in the performing arts. The next few items offer a brief
glimpse at some of those highlights.
No. 86
TROY’s frst marching band is formed in 1939.
No. 87
In 1948,
the TROY Marching
Band takes to the feld
in uniform for the frst
time during a football
game with Livingston
State Teaching School.
TROY’s band was the
frst marching band
among the state’s normal
No. 88
In 1967, the
University’s dance band, The Wave Men,
were chosen as the backup band for
comedian Bob Hope’s performance at
Montgomery’s Garrett Coliseum.
No. 89
During the 1950’s the Troy
University’s Madrigal Singers
were regular performers on
nationwide radio as a part of the
Mutual Broadcasting System.
( )
• Dr. Adams and Yolanda Fernandez