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TROY professors receive grants for
Gulf oil spill research
Two Troy University professors have taken on separate projects
to conduct research on the BP Deepwater Horizon oil spill.
Dr. Stephen Landers and Dr. Kewei Yu, both faculty members
in the Department of Biological and Environmental Sciences,
have received more than $70,000 collectively from the Gulf
Research Initiative through the Dauphin Island Sea Lab.
Dr. Landers is continuing ongoing research on meiofauna,
microscopic animals that crawl in the sand, that began in 2007.
Landers, who has collected data by traveling on National Oceanic
and Atmospheric Administration ships, will use his research prior
to the spill to compare with data collected since the spill.
Dr. Yu is working on two projects, one studying the lasting
effects of the oil in the Gulf and the other looking at the process
of how oil disappears from the coastal marsh sediments.
“They may be able to clear up the tar balls and people think it’s
gone, but most of the time, the most dangerous oil components
are the ones you can’t see. I am looking at how long it is going to
take for them to disappear,” Yu said.
Dr. Stephen Landers
Dr. Kewei Yu
Dr. R. Douglas Hawkins,
longtime President Pro-
Tempore of the Troy
University Board of Trustees
was honored for his years of
service in the position during
the Board’s meeting in July.
“Dr. Doug Hawkins is an
inspiration to all of us. The
University has grown tremen-
dously during his leadership
on the Board of Trustees,”
said Chancellor Jack Hawkins,
Jr., who is no relation to Dr.
Doug Hawkins.
Doug Hawkins, who has
served on the Board since
1980 and was named Presi-
dent Pro-Tempore Emeritus,
will be succeeded by Sen.
Gerald Dial. Sen. Dial was
frst appointed to the Trustees
in 1991 and was reappointed
to a 12-year term in 2009.
John Harrison, a TROY
alumnus who was frst
appointed to the Board of
Trustees in 1996 and reap-
pointed in 2007, was elected
Vice-President Pro-Tempore.
Board honors outgoing
President Pro-Tempore Hawkins
(top left) Dr. Doug Hawkins (center) is presented with a commendation
from Alabama Gov. Robert Bentley in appreciation for his service as President
Pro-tempore of the University’s Board of Trustees by newly-elected President
Pro-Tempore Sen. Gerald Dial (right) and Chancellor Jack Hawkins, Jr.