Executive Branch

Five leaders are chosen from the Trojan community each spring to lead the Student Government Association of Troy University. The student body elects these individuals to lead them, address their concerns, and implement the changes the student body deems necessary on campus. The members of the executive council devote countless hours to the welfare of the student body, striving to promote Trojan pride in all they do.

executive branch

L to R: Taylor Holt, Laken Berry, Ashli Morris, Douglas Dick, and Kaitlin Beyler

SGA Executive Council

Ashli Morris


A little bit about Ashli:
Hey Trojan Family! I am a Senior from Athens, AL majoring in Political Science (International) and minoring in Leadership Development and Military Science. I am excited to have the opportunity to serve you this year as SGA President! I am dedicated to working with administration to continue to add value to your degree and to enhance your collegiate experience as a whole!

Why I Came to TROY:
I chose to attend Troy because I loved the size of the student body and the hometown feel that is a staple to our campus. I felt like I would have the opportunity to grow as an individual and be involved on campus. I certainly have not been disappointed. The faculty is committed to giving me opportunities to learn and grow, and opportunity to get involved and make a difference is abundant on this campus. No matter what you are involved in or passionate about, I am certain that you will find a group of students with the same interest. Attending Troy has significantly contributed to my growth as a student and a leader!

Involvement and Honors at TROY:
Throughout my time at Troy, I have served as Freshman Forum President, Freshman Forum Director, Senator At-Large, and Homecoming Committee Member (2016). I have also had the opportunity to serve as a Hall Ambassador, Trojan Ambassador, and M.I.S.S Elite Community Service Chair. Additionally, I am an Army ROTC cadet and a future Army Officer. I have held multiple leadership roles in the ROTC program. I am a Chancellor’s Scholar, and I was selected as the Alpha Lambda Delta Freshman of the Year (2014-2015). I also proudly reign as Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Miss Black and Gold of the Alabama District. Each of the honors that I have received leads me to the advice that I feel most strongly about relaying to college students: GET INVOLVED!!!

Involvement on campus and in the community makes college FUN! Involvement aids you in making connections and lifelong friends and discovering your purpose! Feel free to swing by the Student Involvement Office throughout the week and talk to us about how you can get involved and find your niche on campus!

Words of Encouragement:
I want to hear about your ideas about how we can improve our university TOGETHER! I firmly believe that if you want to fast, go alone and if you want to go far, go together. Thank you for entrusting me with the honor and responsibility of serving you through this office and being your chief advocate to the administration. Let’s Achieve More Together, and Go Trojans!


Laken Berry

Vice President of Legislative Affairs

A little bit about Laken:
My name is Laken Berry, a Senior Social Work major from Athens, AL. I serve as the Vice President of Legislative Affairs. As VPLA I am the President of the Senate. Our meetings are under my jurisdiction; therefore I am required to be prepared for the meeting and knowledgeable on Parliamentary Procedure in order to run the meetings well. I am also the head of the committee chairs. It is my job to hold them accountable to their jobs including reaching out the students, accomplishing their goals, and giving responsibility to their Senators. As VPLA I have a responsibility to know and understand how to write legislation and will constantly be observing our Code of Laws and Constitution to assure that they are up-to-date, as well as helping Senators write bills and helping new clubs write their constitutions.

Why I came to TROY:
I visited and stayed at Troy University my sophomore year of high school for the HOBY leadership conference, and I immediately fell in love. Eventually I chose Troy because it really did feel like home. Every person I met was warm and inviting, and they talked about being a part of a “Troy family”. I felt the unity among the campus and the opportunities that would allow me to be involved and grow. The town felt like a home and the campus was just the right size for me. Troy was the best choice for me, and I have never looked back!

Involvement and Honors at TROY:
During my time at Troy I have been involved in a multitude of things on campus including being a Senator for 3 years, and serving as Student Welfare chair during my Junior year. I have served in leadership positions in Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, my Greek Organization, Campus Outreach, and YMCA of Collegiate Legislatures. I also have been involved with Omicron Delta Kappa, Conversation Partners, Relay for Life, Campus Kitchens, Salvation Army, and Headstart of Troy. I have been named to the Chancellor’s, Provost’s, and Who’s Who Lists. Furthermore, I have had the honor of being recognized as the “Senator’s Choice” for two years in a row.

Words of Encouragement:
Anyone who is thinking of coming to Troy, just do it! You will not regret your decision. When you come to Troy there are so many clubs and organizations to get involved in, so many people groups to hang out with, and so many events to participate in. I would highly recommend trying hard on your academics and getting as involved as you can. Enjoy your years at Troy to the best of your ability. Anyone who is thinking of joining SGA, if you want to get things done for your school and are not afraid to put in the work to do so, go for it! We would love to have you! Never be afraid to run, because there is always an opportunity for leadership somewhere!


Douglas Dick

Vice President of Campus Activities

A little bit about Douglas:
I’m a senior Risk Management Insurance major and Leadership Development minor from Panama City, Florida. I’m so excited to serve as the Vice President of Campus Activities. My duties as VPCA include organizing campus activities, planning and executing homecoming week, planning pep-rallies, and coordinating and collaborating with SGA to serve students in new and exciting ways.

Why I came to TROY:
Whenever I began my college search, there were a few important items on my checklist. I wanted to attend a school where I would have opportunities to grow and develop, opportunities to serve other students, but most importantly, I wanted to be a part of something bigger than myself. After much prayer and consideration, I decided that Troy University would be the school to cater to my checklist. Little did I know that this great school would offer me all of those experiences, and so much more. Troy’s sense of community is so strong, and I never thought that I would feel so much a part of a family just be becoming a Trojan. But we truly do have a Trojan family, and God reminds me every day that I am exactly where He wants me.

Involvement and Honors:
I am involved in a multitude of organizations here on campus including: Delta Mu Delta Honors Society President, University Strategic Planning Committee for Greek Life Expansion, Philanthropy Chair for my Greek Organization, Historian, Walk Hard Walker, Order of Omega Member, Homecoming Committee PR Chair, Greek Week PR Chair, Chancellor’s Award for 4.0 GPA, Chancellor’s Full Tuition Scholarship, Chick-fil-A Corporate Intern.

Words of Encouragement:
Take time in college to discover your purpose in life. For me, my purpose is to Glorify God, serve others, and impact people with love and encouragement.


Kaitlin Beyler

Director of Administration

A little bit about Kaitlin:
Hello! My name is Kaitlin Beyler and I am a Junior, Biomedical Sciences major with a Psychology minor from Alabaster, AL. I have been involved in the Student Government Association for three years now! Serving as the Freshman Forum Secretary, Freshman Forum Director, and currently the Director of Administration. My role as the Director of Administration is to not only serve the Student Government Association, but to serve the student body. My main goal this year is to clearly communicate and effectively interpret the weekly happenings in SGA to the students. My job duties include but are not limited to, keeping up with attendance, writing the minutes, planning the SGA Retreat, and aiding the other executive officers. I want to elevate SGA to the next level so we can accomplish greatness during our year in office.

Involvement and Honors at TROY:
I am involved in several organizations on campus including Trojan Ambassadors, Student Alumni Association, Greek Life, Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society, Beta Beta Beta Honor Society, and Alpha Epsilon Delta Honor Society. My sophomore year I was honored with being selected as one of the “Most Outstanding Greek Woman” for involvement, service, and leadership. I have also been named to the Chancellor’s and Provost’s lists. I am also a Chancellor’s scholar and have received music and leadership scholarships.

Why I came to TROY:
The moment I stepped on TROY’s campus as a high school senior, I knew that this would be the place I would call home for the next four years. Walking on campus, I noticed how students interacted with each other and I could immediately feel the family atmosphere. I wanted to make sure that when I went to college, I wasn’t just a number and I felt that here at TROY I could make a difference in people’s lives. I have come to find that Troy University isn’t just a place that will equip me with the tools I need for my future career, but a place that will provide me with lasting friendships, qualities that will help me become a better leader, and moments that I will always cherish and remember.

Words of Encouragement:
You are about to begin one the most challenging but most rewarding journeys! Your next four years at college is the time for you to learn and grow as an individual! These next four years will be full of ups and downs, but I can promise you that in the end it will all be worth it! Learn how to manage your time and create a healthy balance between school work and social life! I encourage you to get involved in organizations that will challenge you and help you grow as a student. There are so many things that you can get involved in here at Troy University and I am sure that you will be able to find something where you can make your mark.


Taylor Holt

Director of Representation

A little bit about Taylor:
Hello. My name is Taylor Holt and I am a Sophomore Social Science Accelerated Law major from Huntsville, Alabama. This past year I served on Freshman Forum, the freshmen branch of SGA. I am so elated to serve this year as the Director of Representation. My role is not only to be a voice for the students, but a voice to the students. I will connect directly to the student body mainly through elections. These elections include Executive Board Elections, Senate Elections, Vacancy Elections, and Homecoming Elections. My main goal is to make sure the elections are fair and efficient. I want all students to have the same opportunities to serve the university that we love.

Why I came to TROY:
My junior year of High School, I attended cheer camp at Troy. I fell in love with the campus that week and vowed to come back and visit. My senior year, I came back and took an official tour. Throughout the tour, I felt important and special, as if this university was my home. Every word that was spoken to me on my tour was individualized and unique to what I was interested in. That feeling stayed with me through the rest of my senior and motivated me to chose Troy. Now I can proudly say that Troy University really is my home away from home and I love this school more than I could have ever imagined.

Involvement and Honors at TROY:
I am involved in many organizations on campus including The Student Alumni Association, Pre-Law Society, Greek Life, and Alpha Lambda Delta Honor Society. I was honored to be selected as a “Most Outstanding Member” of my greek association, as well as named to the university’s Provost List.

Words of Encouragement:
People are right when they say “College is the time of your life!” Enjoy it! It is the time to make those lifelong friendships and unforgettable memories. However, you must work hard. The main purpose behind all the fun and games is your education. Don’t let this stress you out or cause you to break down because hard work pays off! Most importantly, get involved in whatever you are interested in. This is where you will find your best friends and who you will spend all your time with! Troy University is a great place and is waiting for you! I hope that you love it just as much as I do!


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