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Legislative Branch

SGA Senators

Who represents the legislative branch?

The SGA legislative branch consists of a devoted group of students elected by their peers.  These students represent the student body and form the senate.  Each college and every resident has at least one seat to represent them, as well as at large positions.  The composition of the senate allows all facets of the student body to be represented. 

 See below for names of our 2020-2021 elected SGA Senators

SGA Committees

Academic Life Committee

The academic life committee is responsible for academic and curricular policies, the committee also serves as a liaison between faculty and the student body to ensure the improvements to academic programs and building.

Campus Life Committee

The campus life committee is responsible for student activities and events, the committee works to build student morale and create events to help aid students in exciting college experience.

Constitution and Rules Committee

The Constitution and Rules committee is responsible for all the rules governing the SGA constitution as well as the constitutions of organizations.  The committee oversees the members of the student body to ensure they are adhering to the rules.

Public Relations and Marketing Committee

The Public Relations and Marketing Committee is responsible coordinating publicity for all SGA-sponsored events.  The committee also orders and distributes items to aid in promotions of the SGA as necessary. 

Student Welfare Committee

The Student Welfare Committee is responsible for areas concerning students well-being (i.e. food services, housing, parking, safety, etc.).  This committee also works closely with administration to create a safe environment for students.

Last Updated: January 11, 2020



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