Legislative Branch

SGA Senators

Who represents the legislative branch?

The SGA legislative branch consists of a devoted group of students elected by their peers. The student body selects those individuals they feel will best represent the student body.

The student senate is broken up into multiple areas of representation. Each college has an elected representative (i.e. College of Communication and Fine Arts, College of Health and Human Services, etc.), as does each residence hall.

There are also at-large positions available on the student senate. The composition of the student senate allows all facets of the student body to be positively and adequately represented. 

 See below for names of our 2019-2020 elected SGA Senators

Newman Center
Shelby Austin

Rushing Hall
Avoni James
Bella Worley

Gardner Hall
Niraj Patel

Shackelford Hall
Lucy Pu

Cowart Hall
Carly Miller

Honors Cottage
RaeAnn Dobler

Clements Hall
Caleb Lanford

Fraternity Row
Jacob Hurdle

Trojan Village
Sarabeth Miller
Madi Hancock

Sorority Hill
Kaycee Lewis

International Senators
Smit Shrestha
Biwaksha Shrestha

College of Arts and Sciences
Dominic Williams
Alex Cole

College of Education
Matti Holt
Ruth Fiore

College of Business
Ethan Turner
Jared Sylvester

College of Communication and Fine Arts
Aaron Dixon

College of Health and Human Services
Wesley Modling
Tyndall Cunningham

Anna May
Trent Russell
Kirstyn Wiggins
Braxton Daniels
Abigail Davis
Camryn May
Jordan Grice
Carter Ray
Allie Maples
Katie Grace Hicks
Jennifer Grace Arnold
Zeba Qureshi
Emily Vallis
Matthew Dortch
Malik Moore
Emmie Haas
Abbie Stubblefield
Sarah Mayson
Clayton Cato
Andrew Clem

Last Updated: April 15, 2019