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Frequently Asked Questions

Facilities, Access, and Services

The Rosa Parks Library is on the second floor of the Rosa Parks Library and Museum building, located at the corner of Montgomery St. and Molton St., just across the street from the Davis Theatre. For more specific directions, call the Circulation Desk at 334-241-9576 or see our web page for directions.


Questions about Troy University Libraries resources or services may be asked in person, online or by phone. Campus Library information is available at Call Montgomery Campus Library Circulation Desk at 334-241-9576 for questions by phone.

Reserve materials are located in the Rosa Parks Library behind the Circulation Desk.

The library has four study rooms. The study rooms are checked out in the Rosa Parks Library at the Circulation Desk. Patrons may call the Circulation Desk (334-241-9576) and reserve a study room if it has not been previously reserved. Study rooms may be checked out once for a two hour time period, and renewed once for one hour, if others are not waiting to use the room, or if it is not previously reserved.

Yes, the Rosa Parks Library does send out notices and correspondence to library patrons. The library uses the Troy University email as an official means to communicate with patrons. Patrons desiring their email to be delivered to another address other than their address should set the account to forward the messages to the desired account.

Obtaining Materials

Materials to be checked out should be taken to the Troy University Rosa Parks Library Circulation Desk at the main entrance to the library. The library is on the second floor of the Rosa Parks Library and Museum building. You must present your Troy University ID card at the desk to check out materials.

Go to the Circulation Desk to ask someone to help you check for the book.

Rosa Parks Library materials can be returned to the Circulation Desk during open hours. There is also a book drop outside the Molton Street entrance, near the rear parking lot. Most materials may be returned in the drop 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There are, however, a few exceptions to this rule. DVDs, CDs and Interlibrary Loan materials should be returned to the Circulation Desk.

Library staff do not normally pull and hold books upon request.

Finding Materials

Information about the Troy University Library Catalog and Databases can be found at . If you need help, call the Rosa Parks Library at 334-241-9576 or come into the library and request assistance at the Circulation Desk. You can also email a librarian at

After you find the item(s) that you want in the library catalog, you will need to search for the material on the shelf. Most items listed in the Library Catalog are identified by their individual call numbers. Library materials are shelved in order, according to their call numbers. For assistance with locating materials, inquire at the Circulation Desk. Access to the Library Catalog can be found at

The majority of electronic resources listed in the Library Catalog and the Online Resource databases are licensed for the use of the Troy University community (Troy University faculty, staff, and currently enrolled students).

There are over 40 workstations in the Troy University Rosa Parks Library. All are general purpose computers with word processing and other software.

Web-based email services may be accessed at any of the library workstations or by using your own device. Wireless access is available in the library.

Yes, wireless computer access is available in the library.

For more information about the Troy University Libraries ant the Montgomery Campus Library go to


Students who are interested in working in the Rosa Parks Library are welcome to call and inquire about openings or schedule an interview AFTER they have been approved by the Financial Aid Office, located on the second floor of Whitley Hall.


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