HD Radio

What is HD Radio?
HD Radio offers a much higher quality audio experience. It also allows for expanded programming choices and eliminates static, pops and other audio interference. HD Radio does not cost you, the listener, anything. It is a service provided for your by this and other radio stations at no additional charge.

Will I need to purchase a new radio?
In order to listen to an HD Radio signal you will need to purchase a radio that has the HD Radio logo on it. While your current radio can still tune into our main station, an HD Radio will be required to enjoy our HD channels (HD-2: Classical 24 and HD-3: BBC World Service).

Where can I buy an HD Receiver?
As HD Radio grows in popularity, radios that pick up HD signals are being offered at more and more locations. HD Radios can be purchased at Amazon.com, RadioShack, Wal-Mart, Best Buy, Target and many more retailers.