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Matthew Clower
Senior Director of Communications


Kyle Gassiott
Director of Radio
Email: kgassiott@troy.edu 


Michelle Mowery
University Media Development Manager
Email: mowerym@troy.edu


Austin Toy
Podcast Program Manager/Fundraising Audio Producer
Email: atoy@troy.edu


Ann Kenda
Host/Digital Media Producer 
Email: akenda@troy.edu


Carolyn Hutcheson
Host / Producer 
Email: chutch@troy.edu 


Joey Hudson
Host/Digital Media Producer 
Email: wjhudson@troy.edu


Cindy Linzey
Operator / Producer 
Email: clinzey@troy.edu


Kristin Cunningham
Membership Manager
Email: kcunningham55369@troy.edu 


David Griffin
Senior Broadcast Engineer 
Email: dgriffin@troy.edu 


Wade Giddens
Broadcast Engineer 
Email: wgiddens@troy.edu 


Doug Gooden
Broadcast Engineer
Email: dgooden@troy.edu 


Thomas Yeend
Broadcast Engineer
Email: tyeend@troy.edu 





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