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Student Information

Payment of Registration Expenses

The payment of charges for tuition, fees, room, and board is part of the registration process. Troy University encourages full payment of all tuition and related fees by the last day of the regular registration period for the current semester or term. Payment of fees may be made on-line using Self-Service or at the office of the Student Financial Services. Troy University accepts Visa, MasterCard, Discover, American Express, money order, paper check, and cash.

Payment Plan

Students with an account balance after the first payment due date will be placed in a two-part payment plan and will be assessed a $25.00 payment plan fee.

One-half of the amount owed to Troy University will be due by the first scheduled payment due date.   Students may apply the following toward the first payment:

  • Awarded institutional scholarship
  • Awarded financial aid
  • Payment by paper check, money order, cash, debit card or credit card

The remaining amount is owed by the final payment due date. Payment due dates are published and are approximately two months apart. Financial Aid above what is needed to cover the first payment due may be applied to the remaining payments due. The student should be prepared to pay any amount not covered by Financial Aid. Failure to pay the entire balance by the final payment date will result in a late fee of $50.00. Also, failure to satisfy financial obligations to the University will result in the student's restriction from future class registration, possibly having the account assigned to a collection agency, and non-release of transcripts.

It is the responsibility of the students to pay their account balance by the established payment due dates.

A current semester or term debt must be paid-in-full before a student will be allowed to register during registration dates that fall before the final payment due date.


A statement will be emailed to students approximately 15 days prior to the first payment due date for those students who pre-registered for classes before the tuition and fee rates were finalized by the university. Subsequent payment reminders will be sent to students by e-mail. Billing inquiries should be directed to the office of Student Financial Services.

Troy Campus Dining Dollars

Troy Campus students not under a residential meal plan taking at least 9 undergraduate credit hours on campus will be required to purchase a $275 meal plan per semester. These funds may be used at any Sodexo Dining location at the Troy Campus including: Trojan Dining, Trojan Food Court, Quick Zone (Math-Science Complex), and Herb's Place (Trojan Village). B&N Bookstore is not included.

These funds are valid till the last day of the semester and all unused funds are forfeited.

In the case a student has been charged this fee and will not be on campus during the semester due to an internship or study abroad, or the student is not taking any of their classes at the Troy Campus, the student may apply for an exemption by completing the "Dining Dollar Exception Request" form.

This form must be completed by the student, signed off by the program coordinator and should be turned in at the ID Box Office located on the first floor of Adams Administration Building.

Dining Dollars Exception Request Form (PDF)

Troy Campus Commuter Plus Plan

Students at the Troy Campus, who are commuters, have the option of purchasing a Trojan Commuter Plus Plan ($630 plus tax) instead of Dining Dollars. This entitles the student to 28 meals and 350 points.

To upgrade your meal plan to the Commuter Plus Plan, come by the ID Box Office located on the first floor Administration Building and complete the Trojan Commuter Plus Plan Add Request Form. Please note: This form must be completed each semester for renewal of the Commuter Plus Plan.

These funds may be used at any Sodexo Dining location at the Troy Campus including: Trojan Dining, Trojan Food Court, Quick Zone (Math-Science Complex), and Herb's Place (Trojan Village). B&N Bookstore is not included.

All Meal Plans are valid until the last day of the semester. Any unused Dining Dollars, Meals, or points are forfeited.

Trojan Commuter Meal Plan Plus Form (PDF)

Montgomery Campus Café Dollars

All students registering for a course at the Montgomery Campus, taking at undergraduate, graduate, doctoral or post-graduate credit hour(s) on campus will be charged $25 Montgomery Campus Café Dollars plan per term. These funds may be used at the Barnes & Noble Café on the Montgomery Campus to purchase food, drink and convenience items only.

These funds will be available on the day after the last date to add a course and must be utilized by the last day of the term, or any unused funds are forfeited.
There are no exceptions to this requirement.

Clearance of Obligations

All financial or other obligations to the University must be cleared prior to the end of each semester or term. An outstanding balance for a prior semester or term must be paid before the student will be allowed to register for subsequent semesters or terms. Transcripts will not be issued if financial obligations have not been satisfied. Failure to meet financial obligations to the University could subject the student to additional late payment charges, as well as collection cost.

Miscellaneous Expenses

In addition to registration expenses, miscellaneous expenses may be incurred by students. These charges are payable when incurred.

Offset of Funds

If there is an outstanding account balance, and the University has in its possession any funds payable to the student, the University reserves the right to withhold funds necessary to pay the outstanding balance and cover any collection costs incurred. Once accounts are paid, any remaining balance will be refunded to the student.

Change in Regulations or Expenses

All financial regulations, fees, or charges are subject to change as conditions warrant.

Student Bank Loans

Student bank loans are disbursed each semester or term. Most bank loans are disbursed electronically. Loan disbursement information is not given over the telephone; inquiry must be made in person. Students may reference their promissory note for loan disbursement dates to determine when to expect loan proceeds.
All loan applicants are required to participate in an entrance interview on the web at concerning their financial obligation as recipients of loan funds.

Funds Held

Troy University acts as an agent holding miscellaneous scholarship funds from donors to be applied to the accounts of students. All transactions relating to a funds-held account must take place at the office of Student Financial Services.

Student Refunds

Troy University has partnered with BankMobile to disburse student refunds. Click here.

Withdrawals and Refunds

Students officially withdrawing prior to the start of a term will not be held liable for fees (other than non-refundable fees). Students withdrawing during the first week of the semester or term will be charged a $50.00 withdrawal fee.

The liability for fees will not be excused for withdrawals effective after the first week of the semester or term except as noted in the last paragraph of this section.  Students having made prior payment will be refunded the amount paid less their liability after the withdrawal. Students suspended for disciplinary reasons are not eligible for refunds or reductions in liability. Refunds will be applied to any outstanding obligations and to any scholarship, grant, or loan received for the semester or term.

Students may encounter extenuating circumstances that warrant an exception to the refund policy.

In-State and Out-of-State Status

In-state or out-of-state status concerns or questions should be directed to the office of Admissions/Enrollment Management.

Parking Decals

Students who use campus parking are required to purchase parking decals.

E-Commerce System

Troy University's E-Commerce system allows students to use the latest technology to complete business transactions with the University. Using the Web Advisor program, E-Commerce at TROY offers the following on-line features to students:

  • The ability to pay tuition and various fees by using credit/debit card
  • The ability to view a summary and detail of account balances

To view this feature, visit Exchanged TWE reference to Self-Service.