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From the Dean's Office

Hal Fulmer HeadshotThe John W. Schmidt Center for Student Success (JWS Center) is at the heart of Troy University’s mission of helping students succeed.  The JWS Center is dedicated to all aspects of student success, from assistance as a First Year Student navigating the beginnings of University life to supporting students with career counseling and assisting students with their writing, math and science classes.  The Office of Civic Engagement offers opportunities for students to “give back” by participating in efforts to reduce hunger and poverty in the local community.  And that’s just the beginning of what is happening in the JWS Center. We have ten different areas dedicated to student success. I hope parents and students will come and visit each of these and meet the great staff who work hard every day to live up to the Center’s motto: Student Success With Integrity.  

The JWS Center is located in Eldridge Hall and I like to call it “the kitchen table” for the campus.  When I was growing up, the kitchen table was where I did my homework, where I got support from my family, where I got counseling about what I needed to do and where I could share what mattered to me.  The JWS Center operates in the same way.

So make sure you come see us in the JWS Center.  Take a minute to work on one of our jigsaw puzzles (you can see the finished ones hanging on our walls).  Follow our social media for tips and ideas as well as important information. 

You don’t need a problem to come for a visit.  We believe that students are our partners in the pursuit of a promise:  that engaged and successful University students make for a better and brighter future for all of us.

See you in the JWS Center!

Dr. Hal Fulmer

Associate Provost and Dean of First Year & Undergraduate Studies


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