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Aviation Operations Minor

The Aviation Operations Minor at Troy University is a minor for a specific set of students who will be incorporating flight training and private piloting into their future careers. 

About the Minor 

TROY’s Aviation Operations Minor is an 18-credit-hour program with a Fixed Wing Emphasis. Equivalent credit toward the completion of the Aviation Operations Minor/Fixed Wing Emphasis may be earned through Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) certification and licensure in such areas as private pilot, commercial pilot and flight instruction. 

Once the flight training is completed for all the necessary ground instructions and the FAA certifications have been issued, these certifications (in total) are accepted as satisfying the Aviation Operations Minor in Flight at Troy University. This minor can be used with any undergraduate major which requires a minor and can also be used by a student to fulfill requirements for an associate degree. 

Example License Requirements 

Private Pilot License: 

  • 40 hours minimum flight training (with an instructor)
  • 35 hours minimum ground training (with an instructor)
  • 1 written knowledge test composed of 60 questions, passing grade more than 70%
  • 1 Checkride Exam (pass or fail) administered by an FAA examiner, composed of two, one-on-one sections: a 2 hour oral portion and a 1.5 hour flight

SkyWarrior Flight School

As there are no Troy University flight classes, TROY has partnered with SkyWarrior, a flight school in Troy, Alabama, that operates its headquarters out of Pensacola, Florida. SkyWarrior Flight School is available for scheduling and completing the flight lessons. However, any flight school which offers courses leading to FAA certification would be acceptable for use with the Aviation Operations Minor at Troy University. The job outlook for pilots in the future is strong and with this minor you can complete aviation certifications while still pursuing your major coursework, which is unique to Troy University.

A student is responsible for all charges associated with the flight classes and FAA certification process. The class times for flight lessons are scheduled at the flight school and not through Troy University.


SkyWarrior Flight School Contact Information:

Email: troy@skywarriorinc.com
Gregory Sigler
VP SkyWarrior Inc.
Office – 850-433-6114 Ext. 7 


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