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McNair Scholars Program

Ronald McNairThe Troy University McNair Scholars Program prepares first generation, economically disadvantaged, and/or underrepresented undergraduates for graduate school by providing them with graduate-level research experience and support for the graduate application process. Scholars will attend monthly seminars, which train them in research writing and design, presentations, etc. Scholars are offered intensive advisement throughout the academic year and travel opportunities to present research at conferences and/or campus visits. Scholars will engage in a research internship consisting of a Graduate Record Exam (GRE) prep course and a Research and Graduate School Strategies course while conducting research. Funding for the McNair Scholars Program is provided by the United States Department of Education

McNair Scholars Application Packet

Program Eligibility

All McNair Scholars are selected on a competitive basis. In order to be considered for acceptance into the McNair Scholars program, an applicant must be: 

  • a U.S. citizen or permanent resident
  • be determined to pursue a Doctoral Program and show potential for success in this pursuit
  • have a cumulative GPA of 2.5 or higher
  • be a Troy University student who has a minimum of 30 credit hours
  • be a first-generation, a  low-income student, or  a member of an underrepresented minority in doctoral studies. Groups considered to be underrepresented are Hispanic/Latino, African American, Native American/Alaska Native or Native Hawaiian/Pacific Islander.

Program Requirements

Students must display a true commitment to pursuing graduate studies. Scholars must agree to participate in ALL of the following: monthly seminars, weekly advisement, workshops, faculty mentored research project, a retreat, summer research design/graduate school 101 class, summer GRE prep course, and a McNair Scholars Research Conference. Failure to adhere to attendance requirements is grounds for dismissal. Participants are required to maintain a minimum of a 2.5 cumulative GPA.

Program Benefits

Scholars will participate in a summer research project under the guidance of a faculty mentor. Scholars will receive a stipend for an approved research project and completion of all research component activities. Additionally, select scholars will have opportunities to travel to research conferences to present their research and/or to campuses of universities with graduate programs that fit their research interests. Successful McNair Scholars will have access to McNair-specific graduate school application fee waivers and scholarships/fellowships offered by a variety of universities throughout the country.

McNair Application Frequently Asked Questions

All applicants must submit two (2) letters of recommendation either Troy University professors or professors from your attendance at a prior college or university. Your application will be read and scored by Troy University McNair scholars search committee.


Yes, this is acceptable if you cannot secure strong letters from Troy University faculty.


Faculty (academic) letters are best. The recommender should speak to your ability to do research.


No application material will be considered past the application deadline.
 In order to participate as a McNair Scholar, you must be enrolled in the Spring Semester and available to do full-time research during the Summer.


No, we can work with you to find a faculty mentor if you are accepted into the program and do not already have a mentor. If you have already secured a mentor, please mention it in your application.

 We are unfortunately unable to admit students with a GPA that is under a 2.5. If you are an eligible student in your Junior year at Troy University, we encourage you to work on raising your GPA and reapply during your Senior year.


 No, you must be available to do research from June through early August. If your research requires you to travel, then you must be granted permission and return to Troy University by early July.
 It is recommended that you focus solely on your research during the summer. However, you may request to work or take a class during the summer if necessary.


 Generally, in the spring semester you will work on your research proposal. During the summer, you will implement your research project and present your work. In the fall semester, you will publish your work and apply to graduate school.


Describe to the best of your ability on your application. Your topic may change once you are admitted into the program. 

 While you may defer enrollment until the fall semester. It is recommended that you make the necessary adjustments to take the course during the summer. This will allow you to focus on your course work, publications/thesis, and applications to graduate school during the Fall semester.

For more information,  contact:

G. Dolo Diaminah, Ed.D.
McNair Scholars Coordinator
(334) 670-5988

Mary Griffin, M.S.
Trio Director
(334) 670-3668

Hal Fulmer, Ph.D.
Associate Provost
(334) 670-5747