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About the Sorrell College

How Jeff and Anise Sorrell Inspired a Business School

As the faculty, staff, and administration of the Sorrell College of Business continue to look forward, it is important to remember, acknowledge, and thank those who came before us and built the strong foundation of excellence for the Sorrell College. Jeff and Anise Sorrell from Saco, Alabama left a long-lasting legacy impacting thousands of students at Troy University. Their bequest of $4,500,000 in 1980 laid the groundwork for the Sorrell College of Business. Jeff Sorrell was a local business man who owned four cotton gins when cotton was king, but shifted to pasture as the farming opportunities changed. Mr. Sorrell owned close to 40,000 acres of land in the area at one point in time. He often quoted the old cliché “They are not making any more land.” Anise Sorrell worked in the office keeping the books – Mrs. Sorrell was an avid reader and lover of education. Through wise management, business acumen and remarkable work ethic Mr. and Mrs. Sorrell accumulated wealth in a lifetime – during a period of time when fortunes were hard to come by. Wealth did not change Mr. and Mrs. Sorrell. They remained unpretentious and lived simply. The “Brown Hat” worn by Mr. Jeff Sorrell, signifies the importance of work ethic, being entrepreneurial, humble, honest, and ethical. These are important lessons that we strive to instill in our Sorrell Business students.

A talented Sorrell College of Business student entrepreneur (recent graduate), Aaron Wilhite, produced the video below to tell the Sorrell story:


If a career in business is in your future, an education from the Sorrell College of Business will ensure you are ready to be competitive in today’s career world. Whether you are just beginning your college journey or taking your education to the next level, the Sorrell College prides itself on delivering quality education that will equip you to excel in today’s rapidly changing and global business environment.

The Sorrell College offers quality programs in accounting, economics, and data analytics. If you are ready to take on a management role or simply find your niche in business, the Sorrell College offers a program for you, too.

From marketinghuman resource managementrisk management and insurance, to hospitality, sport, and tourism management, the Sorrell College has a solid program suited to fit your needs. At TROY, you find a quality education at the hands of the many well-rounded professors, who typically have many years of real-world experience to bring to the classroom. You will also find that your professors care about you as an individual and make themselves available to help you tailor your education to your individual needs. Within this student-centered culture of caring, you will be more than just a number. The dedicated faculty and staff are personally committed to helping you succeed.

The College is also home to the Manuel H. Johnson Center for Political Economy, a research center focused on moral imperatives, individual liberty, and policies related to current and local issues. The scholars and students at the Johnson Center believe that free societies are better societies, and the Center’s faculty works to provide a dynamic and rigorous education based on these principles.

Whether this is the beginning of your college journey or the next step in your career path, the Sorrell College can help you prepare to face the challenges of a rapidly changing global business environment.



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