Pre-Forestry Requirements

Pre-Forestry Program


The Pre-Forestry curriculum at Troy University is a two year course of study that prepares students to enter the School of Forestry at Auburn University. Auburn University’s Forestry Program accepts 50 students annually. Admission is based on GPA (minimum of 2.5 on a 4.0 scale with a grade of D or better in all required courses).

Application for the Summer Field Practicum and Admission into the Forestry Program are mailed from Auburn University on 15 February must be returned to the School of Forestry Student Services Office no later than 15 March of the year the student plans to begin at Auburn University.

The admission request must include:

  1. Application form
  2. Official Transcripts
  3. Plan of study (signed by the advisor) showing that all necessary courses are scheduled for completion prior to summer semester. Letters of decision will be mailed to all applicants by May 1st.

Those students who meet the minimum qualifications but who are not on the “accepted” list will be placed on a “stand by” list. In the event one of the fifty selected students is unable to attend the Practicum students on the “stand by” list will be admitted in order of highest GPA.

Freshman Year

Fall Semester
BIO 1100 – Principles of Biology, 3 Hours
BIO L100 – Principles of Biology Lab, 1 Hour
MTH 1125 – Calculus I, 4 Hours
ENG 1101 – Composition and Modern English I, 3 Hours
HIS 1101 – Western Civilization I, 3 Hours

Spring Semester
BIO 1101 – Organismal Biology, 3 Hours
BIO L101 – Organismal Biology Lab, 1 Hour
ENG 1102 – Composition and Modern English II, 3 Hours
HIS 1102 – Western Civilization II, 3 Hours
MUS 1131 – Music Appreciation or
ART 1133 – Visual Arts, 2 Hours

Sophomore Year

Fall Semester
CHM 1142 – General Chemistry I, 3 Hours
CHM L142 – General Chemistry I lab, 1 Hour
PHY 2252 – General Physics I, 3 Hours
PHY L252 – General Physics I lab, 1 Hour or
ACT 2291 – Principles of Accounting I, 3 Hours
ENG 2205 – World Literature before 1660, 3 Hours
COM 2241 – Fundamentals of Speech, 3 Hours

Spring Semester
CHM 1143 – General Chemistry II, 3 Hours
CHM L143 – General Chemistry II lab, 1 Hour
GEO 2210 – World Regional Geography or
SOC 2275 – Introduction to Sociology or
ANT 2200 – Anthropology or
PSY 2200 – General Psychology, 3 Hours
ENG 2206 – World Literature after 1660, 3 Hours
ECO 2252 – Principles of Microeconomics, 3 Hours


Dr. Michael Woods
Department of Biological Sciences
MSCX, Room 210B
Troy University
Troy, AL 36082
(334) 670-3403

  1. Requirements at other universities may vary. Students planning to transfer to a university other than Auburn should contact the School of Forestry at that university and develop a personalized curriculum.
  2. Before starting the Fall Semester at Auburn University, all students accepted into the Forestry Program must complete the Summer Field Practicum at Solon Dixon Forestry Research Center outside of Andalusia, AL.
  3. Application forms should be completed by the end of February of each year.
  4. A student interested in the science of forestry should take Physics 2252/L252 and a student interested in the business of forestry should take Principles of Accounting 2291.

Questions or comments? Contact the TROY Office of the Pre-Professional Studies.